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  1. The first answer doesn't solve anything. It's just saying to do what we already
  2. pretty much do. Shade the surface only if it points towards the light. The
  3. second answer works. You can use a slightly different vertex shader to render an
  4. objects geometry a second time, reversing the normal before using it. The third
  5. answer doesn't work because culling is off. If you render two meshes in exactly
  6. the same location, you will get z fighting. If culling was turned on in the data
  7. set properly, this solution would work. Well, this solution doubles the size of
  8. the geometry need to store. It does have the advantage of not needing any
  9. special treatment. It's just another object to render in the normal way. The
  10. fourth answer will make almost all surfaces get some light. This fix will have
  11. the effect of properly making the dark inside of the object be lit. However,
  12. there are also areas inside that are lit that shouldn't be, and these will
  13. continue to be lit. Similarly, the outside of the object would now be lit in
  14. both sides, which gets too much light, so this answer is wrong.