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12-03 Guidelines

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  1. If you're a coach or a mentor, what you're responsible for
  2. is spending 1 to 3 hours per week for every team.
  3. And you're going to be working with 1 to 4 teams for up to 3 weeks.
  4. We encourage you to meet up once a week in person
  5. and/or once a week online per team with Skype or Google Hangout.
  6. But what we're really looking for is you to offer your critiques and your expertise
  7. in their LaunchPad Central narratives.
  8. As they start talking about the customers they're actually interacting with,
  9. we want you to offer comments.
  10. Was this the right interaction? What should they have learned?
  11. Should they have done something different?
  12. You need to actually be giving them feedback, you need to be giving them contacts,
  13. people to talk to, and sharing all your domain expertise.
  14. This is not just kind of, "I showed up as a mentor."
  15. This is a full-time engagement with these teams.
  16. So think of yourself as almost their venture investor.
  17. Assume you just put a substantial fraction of your net worth into these teams.
  18. Care like that.
  19. Let me be clear, though. We don't want you to do their work for them.
  20. But we want you to guide them to the right places to talk to,
  21. to see the right patterns in the data, and to understand what you understand.