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  1. Almost all the problems in the world are created
    because of one single thing.
  2. Just one! Five letters long, thousands of years old,
    and it is not m-o-n-e-y.
  3. It creates the following issues:
  4. poverty, famine, crime, violence, wars, poor education,
    pollution, climate change,
  5. overpopulation, terrorism, social classes,
    corruption and bribery, water scarcity,
  6. environmental destruction, abuse of animals,
    including humans, slavery and coercion, greed,
  7. hoarding of resources, deforestation, massive waste,
  8. stagnation of scientific and technological development,
    lack of health care, immigration,
  9. territorial disputes, high stress and so much more.
  10. That thing is TRADE
  11. And trade gives rise to money, bitcoin, barter,
    exchanges of goods or services and so forth.
  12. As long as there is a need for trade,
    most problems would still exist.
  13. This is way trying to solve today's problems is not working,
    because many are forgetting about trade
  14. or not even recognizing it as an issue.
  15. If you stop people in Japan from killing
    blue whales for consumption
  16. or traditional medicine or whatever, then fantastic.
  17. But people in Cuba or Thailand or other parts of the world
    will do the exact same thing for profit
  18. for their customers in Japan or for other customers.
  19. Trying to ban everyone from killing blue whales is a great
    and nobel attempt yet quite unachievable.
  20. And the black market will always exist
    even if you achieve that.
  21. Because you didn't address the cause of the problem,
    you only dealt with the symptoms.
  22. The cause is what drives people to seek for profit.
  23. The symptoms are the acts that they do
    when seeking for profit.
  24. In this case, people will still try to kill blue whales
    because there is a profit to be made in doing so,
  25. And hence, there is no way you could ever stop this
  26. unless you remove the cause behind
    their seeking for profit.
  27. So think about this,
  28. Let's say we have one trillion problems today
    and we attempt to solve 500 of them,
  29. In the same way just described.
  30. We would still be left with the same trillion problems
    as only the symptoms would be addressed
  31. Rather than the cause generating the problems.
  32. If we solve in the same way another two thousand
    or two million problems
  33. There would still be one trillion problems left.
  34. The math is not wrong, because it's an illusion
    that we solve problems in that manner,
  35. since the force of trade, making people
    seek profit at any costs, will still exist.
  36. And because of that, people will find
    ways to hijack any laws,
  37. no matter how drastic and
    well implemented they are.
  38. And so, problems will arise everywhere no matter
    how much you try and stop them
  39. with this old and outdated approaches, because
    you fail to understand the cause of the problems.
  40. This is similar to trying to find a cure
    for the diseases of old age,
  41. Like Alzheimer disease, cardiovascular disease,
    cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, and so forth.
  42. You can not find a cure for this diseases because
    they are a result of getting old, and everyone gets old.
  43. So the only attempt to solve them is to first acknowledge
    that aging is the problem,
  44. And that those diseases are the symptoms.
  45. Aging is ingrained in our cultural consciousness
    as something that is natural,
  46. But that notion is increasingly challenged today,
    with many doctors acknowledging that aging
  47. is the source of most health problems
    and thus trying to tackle it
  48. instead of focusing on it's symptoms.
  49. In the same way, people can not imagine how we
    can live in a world with no trade, no currency,
  50. no property, jobs and so forth.
  51. But this notion is also challenged today by so many
  52. And we are one of those who do that in great detail,
  53. Because like in the case of aging, we do not see any
    other alternatives in solving today's problems,
  54. other than getting rid of the need for trade,
  55. like there is no alternative in solving the diseases
    of old age unless you tackle aging.
  56. Therefore we spent years trying to describe in detail
    how a world without trade can function.
  57. We are talking about a world where trade
    is obsolete and unnecessary.
  58. This should be a world of abundance for all.
  59. A world where people are accessing instead of owning,
  60. where people work but have no jobs,
  61. where everyone gets whatever they need
    and want without any trade involved,
  62. without them needing to give anything
    in return for those favors.
  63. This world would rely on volunteers, open-source projects,
    a scientific mindset and so forth,
  64. That will have no unique tag attached to them, but
    instead will become normalities that need no label.
  65. We are describing how changing today's infrastructure
    into a self-sustainable,
  66. automated and autonomous and open-source one is a must.
  67. Education is another essential aspect
    where people's values must change
  68. for us to achieve such a world for all of us.
  69. In this kind of world, as we showcase,
    we need no politics, countries,
  70. police, currencies, armies and so forth.
  71. But it takes a while to understand such
    ideas and this sort of approach.
  72. This is why we made a huge 14 hour
    documentary explaining this direction,
  73. together with a big e-book
    (The Monetary Game and Beyond)
  74. where we elaborate more directly and in more detail
    on the problems and solutions that we must address.
  75. We recommend both the documentary and e-book
    as they vital in order to properly understand
  76. all of the TROM materials.
  77. Use TROMSITE.COM as a free tool to educate yourself
    and others about this direction.
  78. We have plenty of materials to choose from.
  79. Help us get this message across!
  80. Thank you very much!