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  1. Here's an example of a product I think provides a clear
  2. system image. What if you were in a meeting room or
  3. cafeteria, where someone was having a heart attack? The room had
  4. a heart defibrillator on the wall, which you're seeing here. But
  5. let's say you had never seen or used one before. What
  6. would you do? Those who designed the device aren't present, no
  7. medical personnel or trained responders are around, and anxious helpers don't
  8. have time to read a manual, not even a simple one.
  9. Here's a product where designers have to communicate
  10. the proper model of operation quickly. So what
  11. you're seeing here is the solution the design
  12. firm IDEO came up with for defibrillators. The device
  13. walks users through three steps, each clearly marked
  14. and numbered. The screen, visible here, with the
  15. number two, gives specific instructions as users are
  16. interacting with the device. And as you can see
  17. from this diagram, two electrodes needs to be placed on the patient and
  18. the diagram clearly communicates where they need
  19. to be placed. It's pretty straight forward.