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Lesson 26 - Babies, children and fathers - give a beef to a baby it will die - The Pioneer School

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I am REALLY excited about this new lesson on the online Pioneer school. This is a very important lesson for the WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST.

We need to understand that God is calling us to grow people and not just gather people.
TO grow them up from babies to children to fathers in the faith..

This is an important lesson about the different stages people go through in their walk with God.
If we want to be effective in making disciples and building fellowships based on the New Testament we need to know this.
If you give a beef to a baby it will die.
If you give milk to a young man he will maybe live for some time, but he will not grow and he will also end up dead.

The same way we need to know the truth about the spiritual growth I am sharing in this lesson 26 on the online Pioneer school.
See it and let God show you where you are and how you can make disciples effective and build fellowships.

See it here: