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  1. The planning question might be a bit hard to read, so let me read the text for you.
  2. In the state space below, shown over here, we can travel between locations
  3. S, A, B, and G along the roads as shown.
  4. For example, SA means we go from S to A.
  5. But the world is partially observable and stochastic.
  6. There may be a stoplight somewhere between B and G
  7. that can prevent passing from B to G.
  8. The action might fail, and there might be a flood that sits between A and G,
  9. and the flood also makes the action going from A to G fail.
  10. If the flood occurs, it will always remain flooded.
  11. If the stoplight is red, it will flip green at some point, but we can't predict when.
  12. The flood is only visible at A and the stoplight only visible at B.
  13. I want you to check all these plans over here and see what the outcome is.
  14. There are 3 potential outcomes.
  15. One is it always reaches the goal state and does so in a bounded number of steps.
  16. By bounded I mean in advance you can tell me a maximum number of steps--
  17. not after the fact.
  18. If you cannot do this after the fact, it's really not bounded.
  19. The second possibility is always reaches the goal state,
  20. but the number of steps cannot be bounded in advance.
  21. The third one is it might actually fail to reach the goal state.
  22. Look at the following plans: SA followed by AG, SB, step 2 if we can't move go back to 2,
  23. then finally proceed to BG, and so on and so on.
  24. See which of these plans fall into which category over here.