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  1. Let's take a look at now the web/mobile funnel.
  2. Now, what's really interesting is in the web/mobile funnel--the getting customers part of the funnel
  3. is actually quite simple, at least on first glance.
  4. We still have earned and paid media driving customers into the funnel.
  5. If you remember, we understood who the customer archetype was with running
  6. search engine marketing or search engine optimization, but in the web,
  7. we just really have to do two things--
  8. First one is we got to acquire customers and then we activate them.
  9. Well, what's acquire mean--acquire on the web is how we want to get them to my site
  10. or to my mobile app or to my cloud app.
  11. How do I do that--as we said, earned and paid media will drive customers
  12. somehow to be looking at a place that you're at, but the next step is much harder.
  13. After I acquire them, I want them to do something--I just don't them to look and go away.
  14. I want them to either pay for the product or sign up for something and become a user.
  15. What is the word activate means.
  16. I want you to engage with my website or my app and do something I have planned for you to do.
  17. Now in a simple world is what I would plan for you to do is
  18. open your wallet and give me all your money.
  19. In a non-perfect world, you might just be a user and I'm going to monetize you
  20. by getting pairs to pay for the fact that I have lots of users, but acquisition--
  21. that is acquire, and activation is a 2-parts strategy.
  22. In theory, understanding acquisition and activation seems pretty simple.
  23. I get it, I understand who my customers are, and then I figure out what earned and paid media
  24. I want to use and on the web, I might be paying Google forever.
  25. I'm going to acquire them and then activate them. How hard could this be.
  26. Well, hopefully it gets kind of fun because the real metric--the way we kind of measure things,
  27. the language we use on the web is customer acquisition cost.
  28. And what we want to do is figure out how much is it really going to cost us to get
  29. an activated customer out here on the right hand of the get funnel.
  30. Let's do an exercise and see what it feels like and how does it work
  31. to get an activated customer and how much it cost.