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  1. (Former MIC Minister, Yoshitaka Shindo)
    Finally, the time has come for us
    to be able to revise the constitution
  2. But we can not prolong it
    any further
  3. (Former MOJ Minister, Jinen Nagase)
    The draft of constitution has been
  4. To be honest, I'm not happy
    with (the draft)
  5. What it's saying, in the first of all, is...
  6. popular sovereignty, basic human rights, pacifism...
  7. it's saying that it will protect them
  8. If we don't get rid of those three things,
    it won't be a true, independent constitution
  9. Audience claps
  10. For example, when we were told
    "human rights are so and so"...
  11. and how "peace is so and so"...
  12. Don't we feel intimidated?
  13. That's because we have been taught that
  14. over and over since the elementary school!
  15. To be able to restore it will be a
    difficult task
  16. So let us stand together and fight on.
  17. (Former MOFA Deputy Minister Minoru Kiuchi)
    What I think is the most important thing
    in Japan is...
  18. it is Imperial House of Japan, and it is
    Kokutai (nationalist idea of a state)
  19. We'd have to prepare to protect
  20. our history, our tradition, our national
  21. (LDP Chairwoman of the Policy Research Council, Tomomi Inada )
    We have submitted a draft of constitution
    that allow us to create a national defense force
  22. (Former MIC Minister, Yoshitaka Shindo)
    But what we really need right now...
    is to take action.
  23. To actualize it into reality
  24. Everyone, let us revise the constitution!
  25. Let us take back our territories that are
    taken away from us!
  26. Northern Territories! Takeshima!
  27. Just asserting it won't do, we must take
  28. Also, Senkaku Islands. Let's use it.
    Let us use military action.
  29. Seiichi Eto (Special Adviser to the PM, Nippon Kaigi member)
  30. Shimomura Hakubun (Chief Secretary of Nippon Kaigi,
    former Parliamentary Secretary for Justice Minister)
  31. Yoshitaka Shindo (Affiliated to Nippon Kaigi,
    Former MIC Minister)
  32. Minoru Kiuchi (Affiliated to Nippon Kaigi,
    former MOFA Deputy Minister)
  33. Tomomi Inada (Affiliated to Nippon Kaigi,
    LDP Chairwoman of the Policy Research Council)
  34. Yoshihisa Furukawa (Member of Nippon Kaigi
    Diet Member Conference, Lower House Diet Representative)
  35. Jinen Nagase (Member of Nippon Kaigi
    Diet Member Conference, former Ministry of Justice Minister)