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  1. And the answer here, I think, is clearly no because a real computer, of course,
  2. has finite memory, but think about your machines.
  3. So let's say you have an older computer like me--so you have 1 gigabyte of memory.
  4. One gigabyte of memory is approximately 1 billion bytes or 8 billion bits.
  5. Now, how many different snapshots can you have with 8 billion bits--that is 2⁸⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰ snapshots.
  6. You wouldn't find a fraction of that as atoms in the universe.
  7. The argument is correct in theory, but it does not have any practical relevance--almost like
  8. the halting problem, which I will soon show you also has actually very little practical relevance,
  9. but for this counter argument, it's basically the same.
  10. For real computer, I think you can consider the memory to be practically infinite.
  11. So this algorithm here just isn't going to cut it unless by real computer,
  12. you mean a very, very, very simple one.