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  1. Fix a bug as soon as you spot the problem?
  2. Well, if you can fix a bug, yes.
  3. But normally you'd like to think about the problem, whether you can generalize it,
  4. find about the best place to fix, reason about it until you have a very good diagnosis,
  5. so this is definitely not true.
  6. Always keep all details in your head.
  7. Well, the name of the last part was "Explicit Debugging,"
  8. so you should not always try to keep all details in your head. This is wrong.
  9. Explaining the problem can be helpful. Yes--plenty of anecdotal evidence for that.
  10. And finally, up to 50% to 70% of software development effort
  11. is spent on validation and debugging.
  12. This is also true, and this is something we really, really, really must change.