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ColorOf Fear part 5

  • 0:01 - 0:03
    [Victor] ... I feel some disappointment,
  • 0:03 - 0:08
    but uh it's very small, it's very small.
  • 0:08 - 0:11
    And I can appreciate that it's difficult,
  • 0:11 - 0:16
    cause y'know, I don't always stick up for me or other people of colour also.
  • 0:16 - 0:20
    And in fact sometimes I'm the perpetrator.
  • 0:23 - 0:29
    It feels very strange to me to have white men bearing witness to this conversation.
  • 0:29 - 0:31
    And that feels real vulnerable to me.
  • 0:31 - 0:38
    First of all, to share the sort of tender parts or the hurts of racism or internalized racism,
  • 0:38 - 0:42
    and the way we play it out amongst ourselves as people of colour
  • 0:42 - 0:51
    I feel like I want a higher level of trust between me and you, or me and you before I do that.
  • 0:51 - 0:59
    And um, I'm really fearful that you'll listen, and nod your heads
  • 0:59 - 1:03
    and say "uh huh, they're just as racist as we are"
  • 1:03 - 1:10
    I want to hear your best reassurance that you'll not mis-use this information.
  • 1:10 - 1:14
    You think maybe I would take this information and use it to incite racism?
  • 1:14 - 1:17
    Not so, that's an unfounded fear, Victor.
  • 1:18 - 1:25
    [Victor] With all due respect, I want to affirm that my fear is not unfounded,
  • 1:25 - 1:28
    it's based on personal and collective history...
  • 1:28 - 1:30
    [David C] ... experience with others...
  • 1:30 - 1:38
    [Victor] And while it may or may not bear out in my relationship or our relationships with you,
  • 1:38 - 1:47
    it is, it's foundation is sound as the raising and setting of the sun.
  • 1:47 - 1:51
    And it feels really invalidating to hear you continually evaluating my experience
  • 1:51 - 1:56
    or the experience of other men of colour in terms of whether it's founded or not.
  • 1:56 - 1:59
    The foundation might not be visible to you, but that doesn't mean...
  • 1:59 - 2:05
    [David C] The only relationship that you and I have, is what we have in these encounters.
  • 2:05 - 2:07
    We didn't know each other before then,
  • 2:07 - 2:14
    and I do not like you grouping me with all those with whom you have had experience.
  • 2:14 - 2:21
    That's disturbing because perhaps I'm a little different being from up here.
  • 2:21 - 2:24
    Removed from the cities where you live.
  • 2:27 - 2:29
    I really, I, I, I feel for you people.
  • 2:29 - 2:31
    [Victor] That answered my question.
  • 2:31 - 2:35
    [David C] I do, and I don't know how to really portray that,
  • 2:35 - 2:39
    except to say that I feel the hurt that you're experiencing.
  • 2:39 - 2:44
    And I understand the distrust you have of white men,
  • 2:44 - 2:49
    and it's interesting to me to see that distrust also exists between people of all colours.
  • 2:51 - 2:53
    [Victor] It's not the same, though.
  • 2:53 - 3:02
    Because what we do to each other pushes us down and lifts you up.
  • 3:02 - 3:11
    And what you do to us, or what white folks do to us, pushes us down and pushes you up.
  • 3:12 - 3:15
    Not the same.
  • 3:15 - 3:20
    And my fear is that if we talked about it, that you would say it's the same.
  • 3:23 - 3:25
    [Lee Mun Wah] I'd like to do something we haven't done today,
  • 3:25 - 3:27
    Roberto, would you trade places with Gordon?
  • 3:27 - 3:29
    [Roberto] Yes.
  • 3:35 - 3:45
    [Gordon] What, um, a person of colour, a Latino does with a Black man, or any of that,
  • 3:45 - 3:49
    doesn't seem any bit the same to me,
  • 3:49 - 3:51
    and I don't even term it racism.
  • 3:51 - 3:53
    [David C] What is the difference?
  • 3:53 - 3:56
    [Gordon] A lot. They have little or no power.
  • 3:56 - 4:00
    I'm not big on politics and understanding that whole thing,
  • 4:00 - 4:03
    but it's, it's, to me it's a system
  • 4:03 - 4:10
    that we, we consciously and unconsciously use to keep people of colour down.
  • 4:10 - 4:18
    [David C] I understand the problem that people of colour have with the white race.
  • 4:18 - 4:28
    And when we're talking here about a man of one colour offending or giving difficulties to
  • 4:28 - 4:30
    a man of another colour,
  • 4:30 - 4:35
    I look at that as I am a colour, they are a colour, each one is a colour,
  • 4:35 - 4:38
    it's the same, man to man.
  • 4:38 - 4:42
    Why is it differerent when it's one colour to another, than white to a colour?
  • 4:43 - 4:45
    [Gordon] Because they've got the power...
  • 4:45 - 4:46
    [David C] But we're on top...
  • 4:46 - 4:47
    [Gordon] I've got the privilege...
  • 4:47 - 4:53
    [David C] Yeah I hear you tell me all the time for many hours now that white is on top,
  • 4:53 - 4:57
    and I believe you, and I believe that you have that feeling.
  • 4:57 - 5:01
    I have never had that concept that white is on top, that I am on top.
  • 5:02 - 5:05
    [Loren] Look at the CEOs of the companies that run this world...
  • 5:05 - 5:07
    [David C] I agree with that...
  • 5:07 - 5:08
    [Loren] They're all white men...
  • 5:08 - 5:09
    [David C] I know that...
  • 5:09 - 5:13
    [Loren] So, do you think they're gonna think about me or Hugh...
  • 5:13 - 5:14
    [David C] Or me?
  • 5:14 - 5:18
    [Loren] No, wait a minute, me or Hugh or David (L) when they make a decision?
  • 5:19 - 5:23
    [David C] No, they're cut throat, they think nothing of people really...
  • 5:23 - 5:30
    [Loren] But their decisions will most hurt people who look like us, not people who look like you.
  • 5:30 - 5:34
    When we fight each other, when we don't take up for each other,
  • 5:34 - 5:37
    that hurts us a lot more than it hurts you,
  • 5:37 - 5:42
    and I never realized that until I sat here, and just sat back and listened
  • 5:42 - 5:46
    to what Victor was saying, and then your response to it.
  • 5:46 - 5:52
    But now it scares the shit out of me to even continue this conversation in this vein
  • 5:52 - 5:58
    because y'know, I'm gonna multiply you by let's be nice and say the 20 million to 50 million
  • 5:58 - 6:06
    who will see this film and think "why should we change? These rats can't get along with each other"
  • 6:08 - 6:12
    I'm gettin' seriously depressed in here.
  • 6:12 - 6:13
    Y'know, I was thinking we were making progress,
  • 6:13 - 6:16
    and I don't even, I just don't feel like we're making much progress anymore.
  • 6:19 - 6:20
    [Victor] How does that feel?
  • 6:20 - 6:22
    It feels like shit.
  • 6:22 - 6:25
    I'm ready to go outside and run my head through a wall.
  • 6:25 - 6:29
    [Victor] What do you need from us? From me, or from the other men here?
  • 6:30 - 6:35
    Just to know that we're all still unified, that we're all still working toward the same thing.
  • 6:56 - 7:00
    Roberto, you were gonna say somethin'.
  • 7:02 - 7:08
    I was just gonna ask Dave if he seems to be unaware of the statistics and the news stories,
  • 7:08 - 7:11
    that come through the general media
  • 7:11 - 7:16
    would tell you that a Black man and a white man laid off from a corporation,
  • 7:16 - 7:19
    the white man's gonna be re-hired before the Black man...
  • 7:19 - 7:21
    [David C] I'm aware of reports like that, yes.
  • 7:21 - 7:24
    [Roberto] You are. What happens when you hear them?
  • 7:24 - 7:27
    Do you dismiss them, or do you think they're incorrect, or...
  • 7:27 - 7:33
    [David C] If I were in a position to hire, I'd hire the best man available. That's what I would do,
  • 7:33 - 7:35
    and it wouldn't matter to me what colour he is.
  • 7:35 - 7:41
    Among the whites, of my peers at any rate, my colleagues, my acquaintences,
  • 7:41 -
    we are becoming more and more alarmed at the tendency or the trends
  • Not Synced
    to seek out and hire ethnic groups over the white, and that is disturbing to us in some ways.
  • Not Synced
    [Roberto] It should be.
  • Not Synced
    [David C] And it is.
  • Not Synced
    I have 5 daughters and they apply to different schools,
  • Not Synced
    the minority races are many times given added points
  • Not Synced
    that give them a boost above the total points of the white race.
  • Not Synced
    So you know, it's not just that it's all against you, there is much against us also.
  • Not Synced
    [Hugh] I am disturbed that anybody is not getting into college,
  • Not Synced
    including white women, including white men.
  • Not Synced
    I'm disturbed that white men are out of jobs.
  • Not Synced
    However, what I get back most is
  • Not Synced
    pointing the finger at the people of colour and the women for taking the jobs
  • Not Synced
    and not at the corporate heads that are sending the factories to Mexico, to Indonesia, etc etc.
  • Not Synced
    to make more money.
  • Not Synced
    [Lee Mun Wah] I want to just kind of play Devil's Advocate here and that is:
  • Not Synced
    what if I had said to you
  • Not Synced
    "well, that's just a few folks, and that's not been my experience,
  • Not Synced
    I think your kids should just try a little harder,
  • Not Synced
    I think your girls should just y'know get those 3 or 4 more points,
  • Not Synced
    I mean, I say everybody gets a chance in America to get education".
  • Not Synced
    How would you feel if I said that to you, given some of the disturbance you are feeling?
  • Not Synced
    [David C] That would be minimizing my feelings...
  • Not Synced
    [Lee Mun Wah] Does it make you feel like it's real, any more?
  • Not Synced
    [David C] You hear me, but you don't want to put much importance on it, yeah.
  • Not Synced
    [Lee Mun Wah] And what you might end up doing is trying to defend that it actually does exist, huh.
  • Not Synced
    [David C] It might do that, you bet.
  • Not Synced
    [Lee Mun Wah] You bet, yeah, just like the men in this room have been doing with you today.
  • Not Synced
    [David C] Sure.
  • Not Synced
    [Lee Mun Wah] One story after another trying to tell you it's real.
  • Not Synced
    You might even call in some of your friends to prove that it happened,
  • Not Synced
    maybe even show some documents.
  • Not Synced
    That's what I'm talking about.
  • Not Synced
    I have allowed myself to feel in my soul in my heart what other men are experiencing,
  • Not Synced
    and that has caused me to take down the walls and barriers that my mind has placed before me
  • Not Synced
    regarding men of colour.
  • Not Synced
    And I have found that they are good men, and that I can love them.
  • Not Synced
    This will probably be difficult for me, but,
  • Not Synced
    so you understand, I was raised by a father who was very much opinionated and racist, I would say.
  • Not Synced
    Well, my father would always tell jokes about the coloured people,
  • Not Synced
    that would put them down, or would demostrate to me that they were a inferior group of people.
  • Not Synced
    The way he would refer to them, calling them "niggers",
  • Not Synced
    um, implanted in me that they were an undesirable people.
  • Not Synced
    And he demanded much of his children,
  • Not Synced
    to the point where if we didn't obey, we were physically abused
  • Not Synced
    by his boot or by a big mean strap.
  • Not Synced
    I learned to anticipate what he wanted so that I could do it without ever incurring his abuse.
  • Not Synced
    And in doing so, I learned to protect myself from outside harm,
  • Not Synced
    or, or, any emotions that would cause me anguish or disturb me,
  • Not Synced
    and I carried all of this into a pattern of working to avoid dealing with reality,
  • Not Synced
    I guess I would say.
  • Not Synced
    And all my life that's where I've been.
  • Not Synced
    I work hard, I work long hours,
  • Not Synced
    and I keep myself content in my work,
  • Not Synced
    and I'm away fromt he pain and the strife of the real world.
  • Not Synced
    And I know when you tell me your experiences,
  • Not Synced
    I ted to minimize them so that I don't have to deal with them.
  • Not Synced
    But it's not that I don't want to, and it's not that I don't feel your anguish and pain
  • Not Synced
    as people of colour.
  • Not Synced
    And I'm, I'm deeply hurt that you would consider my race as the oppressor,
  • Not Synced
    because certainly I have never thought myself that way.
  • Not Synced
    And that disturbs me to know that you consider me and my colour that way.
  • Not Synced
    Please accept whatever I can do or say to you to relay to you the feeling
  • Not Synced
    that some of us white men really are not aware that we are such a problem to you.
  • Not Synced
    And when we say to you "well just can't you be like us?",
  • Not Synced
    we don't really understand the differences between you and us.
  • Not Synced
    [Hugh] I'm really sorry that what has happened to you as a child being abused happened to you.
  • Not Synced
    That that should never, that you didn't deserve that.
  • Not Synced
    You didn't deserve any of that.
  • Not Synced
    And I appreciate you sharing with me how you survived that,
  • Not Synced
    and how that survival is with you today.
  • Not Synced
    And how hearing us, and hearing my story,
  • Not Synced
    how your survival, how that affects how you hear me, and what you hearand what you do with it.
  • Not Synced
    That's really, um, important for me to know how you've survived.
  • Not Synced
    And as a white man, to know how you dealt with things,
  • Not Synced
    to know how you deal with things when they come your way,
  • Not Synced
    that's what Victor was asking, I think, in asking "what does it mean to be white?".
  • Not Synced
    "What is it like to be white?"
  • Not Synced
    And I appreciate you for exploring that,
  • Not Synced
    and for getting in touch with what it means to be white.
  • Not Synced
    And I appreciate your survival. I'm glad you made it.
  • Not Synced
    [David L] I just want to say that I appreciate very much your candor and your openness
  • Not Synced
    to hear us and to try to understand yourself a little more deeply.
  • Not Synced
    I just also hope that you will keep in mind that there is no quick fix.
  • Not Synced
    You don't change and become a non-racist overnight.
  • Not Synced
    You I think have just barely tapped into what racism is all about.
  • Not Synced
    Just kinda touched the surface of it.
ColorOf Fear part 5
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