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  1. As we concluded, a radical change was needed a
  2. brave new world. A completely new approach to building applications
  3. needed to be developed that could scale to meet
  4. the demands of the rapidly growing internet. Not a key
  5. step to building a scalable system is you need
  6. to decouple it from executing on a single computer. You
  7. design a scale out architecture as your application scales
  8. outside the scope of a single computer and this distributed
  9. architecture needs to be a socalled, share
  10. nothing architecture. Meaning, that it must not depend
  11. on any shared resources that can become the
  12. bottleneck, this way if your application needs a
  13. scale, you can just provide more computers to
  14. provide the additional capacity required. That means, you
  15. can run your application on. All the things.
  16. And to get even more flexibility the concept
  17. of virtual machines was born which enables you
  18. to decouple a physical machine from the application
  19. execution machine. This had great flexibility gain since
  20. the infrastructure turned virtual you would now run your
  21. scale out application on several virtual machines instead
  22. of physical computers. Problem solved, right? You can
  23. now scale indefinitely by adding these standard building
  24. blocks of performance that your application can utilize and
  25. you have decomposed your application from the
  26. specific execution machine, great. Now only one
  27. question remains, how do you design your
  28. application to be able to scale like this?