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  1. I'm here at the Autodesk Gallery with David Larsson.
  2. David was the lead developer on a product called Beast for game developers.
  3. Many of the lighting demos you'll see in this unit were developed by David.
  4. So, David, as a start, what's your background?
  5. >> I got a Commodore 128 as a Christmas gift. My brother and I got it together.
  6. And we started programming and exploring this basic environment, which is,
  7. which is basically the operating system, but also a programming language, which
  8. you end up in, when you boot up one of those computers. And, I was kind of
  9. reading over the shoulder, and asked my brother to, you know, type in listings
  10. from computer magazines and instruction manuals and we, you know, started
  11. making programs. And that's kind of how we got started, programming together.
  12. And when I was growing older, I got involved in something called the demo
  13. scene, which is basically, just teenagers trying to outdo each other with
  14. graphic effects and visual effects on, computers. And that was a really good
  15. boot camp for, for learning about graphics programming and and programming in
  16. general and also like, you know, running projects. It was a really effective
  17. way of, of learning all those tools that you need in order to, to become a, a
  18. good programmer. So a few years, I had a time, when I was in college I also
  19. temporarily worked for a game studio. And then, some time, when I was in my
  20. last year of college, a friend, actually another guy I knew from the demo
  21. scene, he asked me, if you, I wanted to come work for, the company they had,
  22. and that company is, was, Illuminate Labs. which is a, at that time we were
  23. developing a renderer that was kind of a general purpose rendering, renderer.
  24. And at some point we realized we have to narrow, like focus group, and what we
  25. did was target it towards game developers, and you know, things got much
  26. bigger, and eventually we ended up being acquired by Autodesk. That's where
  27. I've been working for the last two and a half years.