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  1. In this question, we're going to ask you to make
  2. a persona. Now, doing this can be one of
  3. the most difficult and intimidating thing that a designer
  4. has to do, but it's really useful. So to try
  5. and keep this very first persona as sort of
  6. simple and straightforward as possible, we're going to ask that you
  7. make it for yourself. And hopefully these two words
  8. are throwing up a huge warning for you. Because it
  9. almost, sounds like we're asking you to go down
  10. the path of designing for yourself, but we're not. Normally,
  11. you do not want to design yourself, and you won't
  12. be doing that here. So why are we asking you
  13. to do this? For one thing, we hope this
  14. is an easy introduction to creating a persona, because it
  15. really can be quite difficult. For another, what we want
  16. to do is seed the discussion form, with a bunch
  17. of authentic personas and use cases. In, in the next question you'll take the
  18. personas and use cases created by classmates for themselves, and
  19. build feature lists and flows for them. We've create a template in
  20. Prezzy, and there's a link to it below that might help you out.