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The Song "Mess Around" by Ray Charles, here in the 2004 movie "Ray". http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0350258/

Jamie Foxx plays the role as Ray Charles and Curtis Armstrong plays the role as Ahmet Ertegün.

The song is also known from the Star Wars parody "It's A Trap!" from the Family guy series.

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  1. I got a song
  2. aha....aha
  3. It is called "The mess around"
  4. The mess around uhu...
    cute title; who wrote?
  5. I did.
  6. - Ah, you wrote...
    - yah;
  7. - Well sing it to me man...
    - Sing it?
  8. Yeh; it isn't has I
    can read the lyrics....
  9. - Ok... well its a Key G..
    - Ok key G.
  10. - ahahah...
    - yeah...Ok but
  11. is a key Pete Johnson...
  12. - Pete Johnson....
    - Yeah... yeh that's it.
  13. You like it? Here we go....
  14. 2,3,4,...
  15. You can talk about the pit barbecue
  16. the band was jumping,
    the people too
  17. They're doin' the mess around
    They're doin' the mess around
  18. They doin' the
    mess around ...

  19. Everybody's doing
    the mess around!
  20. That's pretty good! Let me
    take it from here.
  21. Now this band is
    gonna play from 9 to 1..
  22. Everybody here is
    gonna on, have some fun
  23. Doin' the mess around...
    awhhhh Doin' the mess around
  24. They're doin' the
    mess around.
  25. Everybody is doin'
    the mess around
  26. Now you see that girl
    with tha' diamon' ring
  27. She knows how to
    shake that thing.
  28. Mess around,...I declare,
    she can mess around
  29. Argh, mess around....
  30. Everybody do the
    mess around!!