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  1. Tell us what you did before you came to NVIDIA.
  2. For 26 years I was a professor, first at MIT for 11 years, then at Stanford for 15 years.
  3. And I taught courses on computer architecture and parallel computing
  4. and led a research group that built a lot of interesting parallel computers
  5. and developed many interesting programming systems for them,
  6. including some early object-oriented parallel programming systems, concurrent small talk,
  7. concurrent aggregates. some stream programming systems, Dream C, Kernel C, Brooks, and Sequoia.
  8. That sequence of programming systems ultimately led to CUDA,
  9. which ultimately led to CUDA which was done by the same person who had done Brooks,
  10. a stream programming language we did at Stanford.
  11. During that period of time, I also was a consultant
  12. for industry working for numerous companies, particularly for Cray.
  13. I worked with Cray since the late 1980s into the middle of the 2000s,
  14. helping them develop interesting parallel computer systems.