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  1. My name is Lewis Kaneshiro.
  2. I build courses here at Udacity and
  3. I've used version control in different forms for about four years now.
  4. Version control makes me more of a risk taker in the sense that
  5. I'm able to explore pretty significant changes in the code base.
  6. Architecture differences at,
  7. at a very low level without fear of breaking the entire project.
  8. and, and, and freaking out, you know, for
  9. lack of a better word, to try to make it work again.
  10. And so, without version control the way I looked at code was as soon as it
  11. was working, I would make very small iterative changes.
  12. Whereas with version control I, I'm able to rethink the entire code base or, or
  13. rethink parts of them that quite honestly I wouldn't have approached or
  14. even touched for fear of breaking it.
  15. So, in general big picture the things I really like about version control is
  16. really this idea of exploration.
  17. Without version control I feel that developing as a programmer is,
  18. is taking little baby steps of making a program incrementally better.
  19. Whereas with version control you can explore such a large space of, of,
  20. of things to try, and you can do that easily without really
  21. worrying about having to go back and fix a project that's that's broken.
  22. So I feel version control has made me a better programmer because it
  23. allows me to explore deep concepts, deep architectural concepts within
  24. programs that I wouldn't be able to explore easily and
  25. more efficiently if I was not using version control.