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3rd International Knowledge Seekers Workshop Feb 2 2016

3rd International Knowledge Seekers Workshop Feb 2 2016

Notes from 3rd International Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Contributed by Keshe foundation New Zealand – 2016-02-09

0000: MK: Teachings will now be from International Keshe foundations around the world –

0011: The new Magrav units have 80 – 90% reduction in power usage.

0012: Kosol has been teaching the Innovation group how to control a system with thoughts.

0014: Renan reports on Kosol’s teachings on how to communicate with his Magrav unit.

0020: MK talks about threats received from a German source known as Paul Guess

0030: The addiction test tubes are to be tested by scientists around the world.

0031: More forecast re imminent massive earthquake in California,

0036: Presentation from Indian KS re neurologically damaged children.

0040: MK says we will create a Magrav womb with CO2 and Zinc GANS and see what happens to these children – details

0049: MK explains how to correct neurological problems in the limbs by making connections on the helmet

0100: Magnetic Field interference device presented –

0107: Why did MK tell Ali to change to sea water GANS?

0109: Sharing from Kf China regarding car system. Huge improvements in performance

0128: Q: Can sulphur be used for nano coating? MK: Yes particularly good for bone deficiency

0129: Bernie from Canada: Any more details on the catastrophe?
0150: In future when you come across aggressive warmongering men, you can use a system that diverts energy to the centre and will elevate the soul.

0155: Whole body healing can be achieved through using the helmet on the brain.

0200: Congratulations and thanks to Marko and Armen for sticking with the Kf for 2 years

0203: In the coming time I will show you how to make food with your system

0205: We have shown that seeds can be taken back to their original form with GANS material

0206: There is a solution for the chemtrails – we can collectively solve all the problems through the plasma technology.

0222: These people who have received Magrav units – we will send another unit to attach to the original and this will hugely increase the savings.

0226: Boris from Brazil: Can we use the stacker unit for arthritis? MK: Yes you can –

0230: Boris also comments his car unit is working well MK: Combination of stacker and beads works well with the car and house

0236: Rick: One of the secrets of the self-charging lamp is a nano-coated wire (super conductor) w

0244: MK comments that better to use composite material like brass –

0249: More details on osteoporosis – u

0253: More will be revealed on Thursday (99th KS workshop) in terms of taking control of our health

025432: End