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  1. Let me introduce you to the next speaker from the industry. His name is Yoav
  2. Hollander, and he is one of the inventors of the first verification methodology
  3. called eRM. He's one of the fathers of this whole process. He's done
  4. verification himself and he knows everything about re-use.
  5. >> Re-use really is very important for verification. the main reason is that that
  6. the designers are lazy. So, they keep finding way, ways to do their work faster
  7. and faster. and there's this arms race where we, the verification engineer,
  8. have to work faster at the same time. So, for instance they keep doing small
  9. tweaks on the same design. And we have to correspondingly help tweak the
  10. verification environment to match that design. Or, they keep using standard
  11. protocols to save time for them, and we would like to have the corresponding
  12. verification RAM and be made of standard pieces. The other thing is that
  13. there's a lot of knowledge and complexity in some of those more complex
  14. protocols. Take PCI Express, there may be just one guy in your company who
  15. really understand all the intricacies of that. And you really want to give him
  16. a way to embed all of that knowledge into a component that will be reusable by
  17. the whole company later.