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  1. Last problem set, we talked about the force of air resistance and how could be described
  2. using the equation F equals B for some constant V times velocity squared
  3. Velocity being the velocity of the object moving to the air.
  4. In this problem, we're going to use this equation to figure out what the maximum speed is
  5. for a car with a certain maximum power output, and yes this is a drawing of a car
  6. even though it's not a very good one..
  7. Let's imagine that this car has a maximum power output of 150 HP
  8. and let's say that in this scenario, b equals 0.1, so using this information,
  9. particularly that the maximum power output of the car is 150 HP, I want you to tell me what's the
  10. maximum speed this car can maintain without slowing and give me your answer in m/s.
  11. To solve this, you may need to know that 1 HP is equal to 746 W. Good luck.