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  1. Now that we have an extra column, our variable and
  2. our data frame, we can create a histogram of it.
  3. This histogram reveals that most households buy one or two
  4. yogurts at a time. To dive deeper into our yogurt
  5. prices and household behavior. Let's investigate the price over time
  6. in more detail. This is where our Facebook data was
  7. deficient. In this data set, we can examine changes in
  8. prices because we have data on the same households over time.
  9. So, now I want you to use your
  10. knowledge of scatter plots and over-plotting to create
  11. an appropriate visualization. Your visualization should be a
  12. scatter plot of price versus time. Now, there's no
  13. right answer here, so just create a plot
  14. that's sensible and that allows you to see the
  15. data. You can assess your code and your
  16. plot with what we did in the solution video.