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  1. Not every trait fits neatly into one category
  2. or another. For example, height is something that
  3. we can pretty easily identify as being physical,
  4. but something like intelligence is something that's a
  5. little more harder to categorize. Intelligence might be
  6. something that you describe as behavioral and not
  7. physical, unless you define it by the number
  8. or pattern of neuroconnections in the brain In
  9. which case that might seem more physical. It could also
  10. be visible or hidden, depending on whether you look at
  11. the product of intelligence or the abstract nature of it.
  12. It is also still debated how much intelligence may be learned,
  13. or how much of it may be innate. Can you
  14. think of another trait that is hard to define in these
  15. categories? Try to use a one word answer and remember,
  16. there's no right or wrong response here. Just want to get
  17. you to think about which traits could be hard to catagorize.