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  1. Now I know you kids out there have been doing
  2. a really good job at paying attention and keeping up,
  3. but I want to give you a chance to evaluate
  4. yourself, particularly your answer to the last question. I've created
  5. three of my own answers, ranked from poor, to good,
  6. to best. And I want you to read them. And
  7. I want you to see how your answer compares to
  8. these and then I want you to evaluate yourself by ticking
  9. the check box here that you think best
  10. represents your answer. Did you put the bare
  11. minimum information? Did you do an okay job
  12. at sort of describing or justifying your answer. Or
  13. did you do a really good job at
  14. understanding and describing the reasons for each of
  15. the correct answers. Go ahead and do a
  16. comparison and then pick where your answer fits best.