Transforming Trauma Into Resilience and Strength | Byanca Nimijean | TEDxYYC

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Over the last nine years my life has been consumed by the justice system. Police, investigators, meetings with a crown prosecutor, and testimonies. My journey was hard, it was scary and unpredictable, however with the guidance of an incredible support worker, I fought with everything in me and everything I didn't even know I had to conquer what I felt to be, the impossible. I am here to share with you what it took for me to take back my voice, my power and what sparked the passion in me to fight for social justice. Our voice is loud, fierce and powerful, that was shared with me. Now I want to share with you to always Be brave, be bold and be loud, just do not be silenced. Byanca, also known as Bee, is a fourth-year Bachelor of Social Work student at the University of Calgary. A hard, scary and seemingly impossible journey took her through the highly involved processes of the justice system. She fought with everything she had, and learned about the power she had within her. In order to survive, Byanca had to take back her voice. This remarkable experience sparked a passion for social justice and led her to act as an advocate for others. Believing each of our voices is loud, fierce and empowering, Byanca will share what speaking up can take, and, more importantly, what it can give back. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at