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  1. If you would open your
    Bibles with me, please
  2. to the Song of Solomon 5.
  3. I take the view of this book
  4. held by great men of old.
  5. That the Song of Solomon
  6. is about Jesus Christ and His bride.
  7. But there is an interpretation held
  8. in some circles today
  9. that says that this book
  10. is about nothing more
  11. than the love between a man and a woman.
  12. And I want to very quickly address that
  13. because there may be some of you
  14. perhaps listening that
    have only ever heard
  15. that interpretation.
  16. And so, let me remind you
  17. that when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees
  18. in John 5,
  19. because in their search,
  20. in their study of Scriptures,
  21. they missed the One Whom
  22. all Scripture was about.
  23. And Jesus did not say there
  24. that these are they which testify,
  25. which speak of Me,
  26. except the Song of Solomon.
  27. But rather, all Scripture,
  28. it communicates to us truth
  29. about Jesus Christ.
  30. You see, marriage itself, we're told
  31. in Ephesians 5:25 is giving us a picture
  32. of Jesus Christ and His bride,
  33. His church.
  34. And we see this allegory
  35. of God and His bride all over Scripture.
  36. So then, the subject matter of this book:
  37. The Song of Solomon,
  38. just like the rest of the Scripture
  39. is a greater than Solomon -
  40. Jesus Christ.
  41. He must have the first
    place in everything.
  42. And so, this book contains
  43. such beautiful, picturesque allegories
  44. and parables;
  45. it is meant to communicate to us
  46. something of the deep and intimate
  47. love relationship between Jesus Christ
  48. and His bride - His church.
  49. And just to clarify, by "church,"
  50. I do not mean a building
  51. or an organization or an institution.
  52. But by "His bride," "His church,"
  53. I mean the redeemed people of God;
  54. the true believers of every age.
  55. You see, true Christianity
  56. is a love relationship
  57. between Jesus Christ and His bride,
  58. the believer.
  59. It is about being loved by and loving Him.
  60. It is about knowing and being with Him.
  61. Listen to me now,
  62. because someone can have all the doctrines
  63. lined up like mason work -
  64. stone upon stone -
  65. and may be able to argue theology
  66. as good as any scribe.
  67. But as the Apostle Paul said
  68. if any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ,
  69. if you don't have love for Him,
  70. then you're still lost and under a curse.
  71. Have you seen that Jesus Christ
  72. is everything to you?
  73. And so you love
  74. and you desire
  75. and you want Him
  76. more than anything else in life.
  77. Satisfied in Him alone.
  78. You see, that is what a true Christian is.
  79. Someone who loves Jesus.
  80. Blessed is the man who
    perseveres under trial,
  81. for once he has been approved,
  82. he will receive a crown of life
  83. which the Lord has promised to who?
  84. To those who love Him.
  85. That is the only way you're
    going to persevere.
  86. A true Christian, when you boil it down,
  87. is someone who loves Jesus.
  88. Not a Jesus of their
    own making, of course.
  89. But you love and want Jesus Christ
  90. as He is revealed in the Scriptures.
  91. You want Him more than
    anything else in life.
  92. Let me ask you,
  93. do you have a form of religion;
  94. a form of Christianity
  95. that really consists of no more
  96. than a well set form of
    doctrines in your head?
  97. Or has this Word of Christ
    truly penetrated your heart?
  98. You see, this is life and death.
  99. Listen, despite your failing;
  100. despite, like the bride here in our text,
  101. which we're going to look at in a moment,
  102. you may at times grow cold
  103. in your love for Him.
  104. Can you honestly say like Peter,
  105. "Lord, Thou knowest I love Thee!"
  106. You see, Christianity is not giving
  107. mental assent to a few
    doctrinal statements.
  108. Ticking off a daily list of rules.
  109. You know, read Bible.
    Done that once today.
  110. Tick that one off.
    Prayed. Done that one.
  111. Kept this rule. Kept that rule.
  112. But rather, Christianity
    is faith working -
  113. real faith always results in good works.
  114. It is faith working through love.
  115. We do those good things
  116. out of love for Him.
  117. And brethren, I am convinced;
  118. I am fully persuaded of this,
  119. that the primary way
    in which you will grow
  120. as a Christian,
  121. and you will become more like
  122. the Person of Jesus Christ,
  123. is that you learn and you come to know
  124. more of His great love to you,
  125. which is what I want to happen
  126. in this message today.
  127. You see, the Bible says,
  128. we love Him because He first loved us.
  129. The more we truly of His love for us,
  130. the more we will love Him.
  131. So, we must ask,
  132. what does love for Him look like?
  133. What is it evidenced by?
  134. Well, Jesus said, if anyone loves Me,
  135. he will keep My Word.
  136. Whoever does not love Me,
  137. does not keep my words.
  138. So, how do we as
    Christians increase in this?
  139. How do we as Christians
  140. grow in obedience and
    become more like Him?
  141. And keep His Word and
    keep His commands more?
  142. What will motivate us to do this?
  143. Well, if obedience to Him is
    linked to love to Him,
  144. then we grow in obedience to Him
  145. when we grow in love for Him.
  146. So then, how do we come to love Him more?
  147. Well, we love Him
    because He first loved us.
  148. Brethren, hear me.
  149. The more you know -
  150. the more you personally know,
  151. not just in a general sense
  152. of His love for everyone,
  153. but Him even more you personally know
  154. and you take ownership of these truths
  155. of His love for you.
  156. This will cause you to love Him more;
  157. to lean upon and trust Him more,
  158. and act in obedience in love to Him
  159. out of love for Him.
  160. And so, I want you to see now
  161. in these verses which we're going to read,
  162. how Christ woos and He draws His bride
  163. by His sovereign love -
  164. a love that passes all understanding.
  165. And even when in times like the bride
  166. here in this text, grows
    cold towards Christ,
  167. His love for her -
  168. His love for you, believer,
  169. is passionate and unfailing.
  170. And let this motivate you
  171. to keep yourself in the love of God;
  172. to cling to Him.
  173. And so, let's look and learn of this now
  174. as we read Song of Solomon,
  175. and I'm going to read from chapter 5,
  176. from verses 2-6.
  177. We'll probably touch on a
    couple more verses as well.
  178. But I'll just read v. 2-6 now
  179. and then we'll pray.
  180. "I sleep, but my heart waketh.
  181. It is the voice of my
    beloved that knocketh,
  182. saying, 'open to me,
  183. my sister, my love, my dove,
  184. my undefiled.
  185. For my head is filled with dew
  186. and my locks with the drops of the night.'
  187. I have put off my coat;
  188. how shall I put it on?
  189. I have washed my feet;
  190. how shall I defile them?
  191. My beloved put his hand
  192. by the hole of the door
  193. and my bowels were moved for him.
  194. I rose up to open to my beloved;
  195. and my hands dropped with myrrh,
  196. and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh
  197. upon the handles of the lock.
  198. I opened to my beloved,
  199. but my beloved had withdrawn himself
  200. and was gone.
  201. My soul failed.
  202. When he spake, I sought him,
  203. but I could not find him.
  204. I called him, but he gave me no answer."
  205. Let's pray.
  206. Oh, Father, I pray now
  207. as we look at these glorious truths
  208. of Your unfailing love towards us,
  209. may Your Spirit teach us now, Lord.
  210. We don't want to just
    learn Bible trivia today.
  211. But, Lord, help us to own this truth
  212. that we can see saying, my beloved -
  213. these words of Christ - is mine.
  214. Help them belong to us now.
  215. I pray, Lord,
  216. You would shine Your love into our hearts.
  217. Help us, Lord. Have mercy.
  218. In Jesus' name,
  219. Amen.
  220. Ok, so, in the preceding
    chapters of this book,
  221. the bride of Christ - the believer -
  222. she has experienced many
  223. wonderful times of knowing
  224. Christ's love and His presence.
  225. And every time when she has grown cold
  226. towards Him, Jesus has never once
  227. cooled His love for her.
  228. And immediately before our text in v. 1,
  229. the bride is once again,
  230. she is experiencing a refreshing time
  231. of Christ's love and sweet
    fellowship with Him.
  232. However, v. 2 begins with what should
  233. really be a new chapter here.
  234. It's kind of an awkward chapter break.
  235. (He's referring to a break between
    Song of Solomon 5:1 and 5:2.)
  236. And so sometime has elapsed
  237. between v. 1 and v. 2 here.
  238. Because if you notice that,
  239. after a previous season of feeling close
  240. to the heart of Christ
  241. and clinging to Him in love,
  242. in v. 2 here, a season of night
  243. has once come again upon the believer.
  244. The bride here in v. 2 is once again
  245. in a season of darkness.
  246. Does that sound familiar?
  247. And so, in v. 2 here,
  248. as Christ comes to the believer's door,
  249. the bride says, "I sleep,
  250. but my heart waketh.
  251. It is the voice of my
    beloved that knocketh,
  252. saying, 'open to me.'"
  253. So, notice here in this verse,
  254. that Christ at this time,
  255. He has somewhat withdrawn His presence,
  256. because at this point,
  257. He is outside of her house here
  258. and knocking.
  259. The bride here, she has locked Him out.
  260. So, firstly, I want you to notice
  261. the current state of the believer
  262. here in this text.
  263. I want you to notice her current attitude,
  264. which has caused Christ
  265. to withdraw Himself.
  266. She says, "I sleep, but my heart waketh."
  267. At this point in time,
  268. she is half asleep, half awake.
  269. She's half for Christ,
  270. half for the cares of
    this world and for self.
  271. She is compromised.
  272. Brethren, maybe this sermon finds you
  273. this morning in a place of compromise;
  274. in a place of half-heartedness;
  275. a place of struggle.
  276. Maybe you've even been real busy
  277. doing Christian things.
  278. But in all your running around;
  279. in all your busyness,
  280. listen to me,
  281. never forget.
  282. Never lose sight of the One
  283. Who you are to do all
    those things for and with.
  284. In Revelation 2, we hear of Christ
  285. speak to the church of Ephesus.
  286. And He says to them,
  287. I know your works and your labor
  288. and your patience
  289. and how you cannot bear them
  290. which are evil.
  291. And you've tested them which say
  292. they are apostles
  293. and you've found them to be liars.
  294. And He goes on commending them there.
  295. How they have endured and they've labored
  296. with much patience
    for Christ's name's sake.
  297. But then He says, "nevertheless..."
  298. "I have this against you,
  299. because you have left your first love."
  300. You see, in doing all those things
  301. and all the busyness,
  302. the church there at Ephesus
    became mechanical.
  303. Because love to Christ
  304. was no longer at the center of it all.
  305. Now, what I want you to see here
  306. in this text is the love of Christ
  307. and His attitude toward the believer
  308. when or if we ever get like that.
  309. Notice here: Christ
    is knocking at the door
  310. of the believer's heart here.
  311. And He is calling out to her
  312. to open up fully to Him.
  313. Maybe this sermon finds you in a place,
  314. or if you're a Christian,
  315. I certainly suspect there are times
  316. when you feel like Christ
  317. has withdrawn His presence from you,
  318. where He's standing at
    the door of your heart,
  319. because in your compromised
  320. and half-hearted state in love to Him,
  321. you've locked Him out.
  322. You see believers, when Christ
  323. withdraws His presence like this,
  324. it is not because He is angry with you,
  325. but because He wants what
    is best for you, believers.
  326. He wants you to learn to cling to Him,
  327. which is what happens to
    the bride in this book.
  328. By the time you get to chapter 8,
  329. she knows the love of Christ
  330. to be unfailing
  331. and she comes out of the wilderness
  332. leaning upon her beloved.
  333. You know, coming to maturity
  334. as a Christian,
  335. it is really clinging to Christ more.
  336. It's the opposite of worldly maturity
  337. in which people become more independent.
  338. You see, in Christian maturity,
  339. we grow in being dependant upon Him.
  340. And so, what is happening here,
  341. is that Christ, in great
    love for His spouse,
  342. He is chastening the believer here
  343. in a compromised, half-hearted state
  344. as a father chastens those,
  345. his son in whom He loves,
  346. in whom He delights.
  347. And brethren, we must learn to be careful
  348. not to provoke Christ
  349. to withdraw the sense of His presence.
  350. We're told in the New Testament
  351. to be careful not to quench the Spirit;
  352. not to grieve the Holy Spirit of God.
  353. As Paul said to Timothy,
  354. take pains to walk in a clear conscience.
  355. Take pains. This sometimes hurts.
  356. You have to cut things off to do it.
  357. Do not walk, believer, in unconfessed sin.
  358. But quickly confess it and forsake it.
  359. Do not live with a defiled conscience.
  360. You see, in the Song of Songs
  361. we're given this principle several times
  362. where the bride of Christ, see,
  363. she exalts these daughters of Jerusalem.
  364. Now these are less mature or new converts.
  365. And this is really the maturer believer
  366. exhorting the younger.
  367. And she exhorts them that ye stir not up,
  368. nor awake my love until he please.
  369. Now, the idea here is like,
  370. supposing I'm sat at home on my sofa,
  371. and I'm asleep and my
    wife is cuddled up to me,
  372. my right hand is under her head
  373. and my left hand doth embrace her.
  374. And she's just enjoying
    that loving position,
  375. and then the children come running in
  376. and so my wife Zoe says,
  377. shhh... don't wake your daddy up.
  378. Because she likes this position.
  379. She wants to stay there.
  380. So, she doesn't want them
  381. to stir up, giving me any reason
  382. to remove myself from
    that position of love
  383. before I would naturally wake up.
  384. The teaching there for Christians
  385. is be careful - be very careful
  386. not to stir up Christ
  387. to withdraw His presence from you.
  388. Now, the next thing I want you to notice,
  389. believer, in this text
  390. is that in our coldness to Him,
  391. I want you to notice how He acts
  392. towards you.
  393. Notice here, in v. 2, the bride,
  394. she is being awakened from
    her sleep at this point.
  395. She is being awakened from a state
  396. of spiritual slumber.
  397. And when you fall into that state,
  398. the only reason you will awake
  399. is because Christ knocks.
  400. And she is being awakened here by Christ
  401. banging out on the door
  402. calling out to her.
  403. You see, the knocking here,
  404. it's in the sense of Revelation 3:20
  405. where it's not like a
    gentle and polite knock,
  406. but it's like a hammer.
  407. Bang, bang, bang, bang!
  408. This knock is from One Who
  409. out of great love to you, believer,
  410. is desperate for you to open up to Him,
  411. so that He can come and be with you
  412. and you with Him.
  413. But also notice, Jesus doesn't just knock.
  414. But in your half-hearted state
  415. of neglect to Him,
  416. He calls out to you
  417. and He says, "Open to Me,
  418. My sister, My love, My dove, My undefiled.
  419. For My head is filled with dew;
  420. My locks with the drops of the night."
  421. And brethren, how often is this
  422. that when we fall into a state
  423. of spiritual slumber,
  424. and it feels as though Christ
  425. is distant from us -
  426. it's not that we can't hear Christ
  427. knocking at the door.
  428. It's not that those promises
  429. suddenly disappear from His Word.
  430. It's not that you can't hear the voice
  431. of your Beloved crying
    out to you to open up.
  432. But in the Christian's determination
  433. to hold on to some idol;
  434. to hold on to some
    pathetic state of compromise,
  435. which is between the believer and Christ,
  436. the bride locks Him out.
  437. And even when He knocks
  438. and pleads for you,
  439. you are still stubborn
  440. and won't repent straightaway
  441. and return to your first love.
  442. And so you stay in bed
  443. and you make excuses
  444. which we'll see in a moment,
  445. like the bride does here.
  446. You know, so often,
  447. I've heard believers
    who are in this state,
  448. where they have some compromise
  449. in love to Christ,
  450. and they say things like,
  451. I feel like Christ has withdrawn
    His presence from me.
  452. I feel like He's distant from me,
  453. and He's not revealing Himself to me.
  454. But you know, He's
    hiding His face from me -
  455. as if Christ is to blame.
  456. Let me ask you, what
    would you think, believer?
  457. If you went to the house
  458. of one of your married
    ladies in your church.
  459. And all over the house,
  460. you could see notes
  461. that the husband had given to his wife,
  462. saying come away with me, my love.
  463. I just love you so much.
  464. I want to be alone with you.
  465. And your friend, she got a text message
  466. from her husband.
  467. And you're sat next to her
  468. and so you sort of lean over
  469. and have a sneaky read
  470. like ladies often do.
  471. But it said the same thing.
  472. Now what would you think if that wife
  473. then turned around to you and said,
  474. I think my husband is ignoring me?
  475. I think he's gone cold on me.
  476. Believers, listen to me,
  477. Christ never grows cold
    in His love for you.
  478. The next thing I want you
    to see here in this text
  479. is look with me in v. 2.
  480. That in the times the believer
  481. has been cold towards Christ,
  482. I want you to take notice here
  483. of Christ's plea for you
  484. to open your heart fully to Him.
  485. Look at His plea here.
  486. There's no fault on His part.
  487. He begins by saying to you,
  488. Open to Me.
  489. Believer, that should be reason enough
  490. for you to open the door,
  491. because of Who He is
  492. Who is knocking at your heart
  493. and calling out to you.
  494. This is the great I AM.
  495. This is the God Who spoke
  496. the universe into existence.
  497. I mean, I'm sure there must be
  498. some person whom you somewhat
  499. admire and esteem.
  500. And if he, or perhaps, she contacted you
  501. and wanted to come over
  502. and have some fellowship with you,
  503. and you'd be really, really excited
  504. about this person coming to visit.
  505. And you're changing your schedule
  506. to fit him in.
  507. Maybe as we're in a church here,
  508. maybe for you it would
    be a famous preacher
  509. like a John Piper
  510. or a Paul Washer.
  511. Brethren, is it not more exciting
  512. that God wants to
    have fellowship with you?
  513. That He wants you to come away
  514. and be alone with Him?
  515. You know, it should make us wonder
  516. that God would even knock at our door.
  517. It should astound you,
    believer, in amazement,
  518. that God would want
    anything to do with you.
  519. You see, when you're just content
  520. to go on casually in your slumber
  521. and neglect communion with Him,
  522. then at least two things
    have become manifest.
  523. Number one, you've lost a sense
  524. of Who God is.
  525. To leave Him at the door
  526. and carry on in our compromised state.
  527. And number two, when this happens,
  528. we have developed an over-inflated opinion
  529. of who we are.
  530. To leave Him outside
  531. and be cold to His calling
  532. to have fellowship with Him in everything.
  533. And so let's look at the second part
  534. of Christ's plea here
  535. for you to open up to Him.
  536. Look what He says to you here.
  537. He says, "My sister."
  538. You see, like Abraham and Sarah,
  539. Christ is not only the believer's husband,
  540. but He is also the
    believer's elder brother.
  541. But whereas Abraham at times,
  542. denied and forsook his bride,
  543. because he wanted to protect his own life,
  544. a greater than Abraham
  545. willingly laid down
    His life for His bride.
  546. And when the Bible speaks
    of Christ in this way,
  547. as our Brother,
  548. it is speaking of His humanity.
  549. In all things, Christ was
  550. made like unto His brethren.
  551. You see, Jesus was and is fully God.
  552. Without beginning and without end.
  553. But at a point in time,
  554. He became humanity.
  555. You see, we do not have a God
  556. Who is distant like Allah.
  557. We do not have a God
  558. that only knows in theory how we feel
  559. because He knows all things
  560. like a sort of academic paper.
  561. Because, let me remind you brethren,
  562. that when He took on humanity,
  563. Jesus - He did not become this
  564. super bullet-proof human being.
  565. But He became fully man.
  566. And so He felt firsthand what we feel.
  567. He experienced what we go through.
  568. He hungered; He thirsted like we do.
  569. He sat thus exhausted by the well.
  570. When Jesus went to the tomb
  571. of His friend Lazarus and Lazarus died,
  572. even though He knew He was
  573. about to raise His friend Lazarus,
  574. it says, "Jesus wept."
  575. He wailed there.
  576. Why?
  577. I mean, if He was about to raise Him,
  578. why did He weep?
  579. The answer is because He loved Lazarus.
  580. Jesus, being fully humanity,
  581. He experienced what we feel
  582. at the death of a loved one.
  583. Last time, I preached that somewhere,
  584. I got an email from
    somewhere claiming that
  585. God does not have feelings.
  586. My Bible says we do not have
  587. a great high priest Who cannot be touched
  588. with feelings.
  589. As it says there in the book of Hebrews,
  590. we do not have a high priest -
  591. a representative -
  592. who is unable to sympathize
  593. with our infirmaties; with our weaknesses,
  594. but One who was in all points tempted
  595. like we are tempted, and yet without sin.
  596. And so therefore, we have
  597. a sympathetic God.
  598. We are told there to go boldly
  599. to His throne of grace to find help
  600. in time of need.
  601. You see, is it not true
  602. that often when the
    believer is being tormented,
  603. when the believer is struggling,
  604. in that time of need,
  605. they feel like they can't go
  606. to His throne of grace in that state.
  607. But you must own this truth
  608. that this is the time He tells you
  609. to go boldly to Him.
  610. The One Who knocks at
    your door here, believer,
  611. He's not angry with you
    because you've fallen,
  612. but He has pity on you.
  613. He wants to help you.
  614. Let me say it again,
  615. when Satan comes to you with temptation
  616. and all manner of assault
  617. and accusations against the Christian,
  618. don't become deceived.
  619. When you're struggling, believer,
  620. don't think that you can't go to Him
  621. in that state to His throne of grace.
  622. Because the time of need
  623. is the time He tells you
    to come boldly to Him
  624. to find help.
  625. And then look what He calls you next
  626. in His plea for you to open up to Him.
  627. He then calls you, "My love."
  628. Listen to me, believer.
  629. You must get out of this trap
  630. of basing His love for you
  631. on your performance.
  632. It's so easy to fall into.
  633. You know, when you think
  634. you're doing really good.
  635. You get up for prayer early.
  636. You read your Bible.
  637. You share your faith with someone.
  638. You know, you're
    just giving, sacrificial.
  639. Or, you know whenever you speak
  640. the right words just
    pour out of your mouth.
  641. And you have no problem
  642. believing Christ's love for
    you on days like that.
  643. That's just pride.
  644. But then on another day,
  645. you're kind of like the
    bride here in our text.
  646. You're in a state of spiritual slumber.
  647. And you think,
  648. surely Christ must love me less now.
  649. What is the greatest command in Scripture?
  650. Jesus said: To love God
  651. with all your heart, soul,
    mind, and strength.
  652. Did Jesus do that perfectly?
  653. Of course, He did.
  654. He always did what is
    pleasing to the Father.
  655. Well, Jesus said as the
    Father has loved Me,
  656. even so I have loved you.
  657. With that exact same love
  658. and that intensity of that love
  659. God the Father has for God the Son,
  660. and the Son has for the Father,
  661. that is how much Jesus loves you.
  662. I mean, did the love of Jesus
  663. for the heavenly Father -
  664. does it only go thus far and no further?
  665. Is there any limit to the infinite love
  666. between the Father and the Son?
  667. This world was made for God to share
  668. this love with you.
  669. To show how much the Father loves the Son.
  670. And He does that by loving
    us in the same way.
  671. You see, believer, there may be times
  672. when you're cooled in your love for Him.
  673. But what was His love towards
    you like in those times?
  674. Listen to me now, believer,
  675. Jesus - He always passionately loves you
  676. with all of His heart,
    soul, mind, and strength.
  677. With all of His thoughts,
  678. with all of His emotions.
  679. So how can we not fully open up to Him?
  680. And so then,
  681. Christ's appeal for you to open up
  682. fully to Him - it continues.
  683. Look what He calls
    you next here, believer.
  684. He calls you, "My dove."
  685. A dove is a clean,
  686. a gentle and beautiful bird.
  687. A symbol of innocence and peace.
  688. Notice the tender way, believer,
  689. in which Christ sees you;
  690. how He looks upon you
  691. with the deepest of affections.
  692. And a dove, of course, in Scripture
  693. is a symbol of the Holy Spirit
  694. who resides in the believer's heart.
  695. You know, and He's beginning to awake
  696. the bride here from her state of slumber.
  697. Let not conscience make you linger
  698. nor of fitness fondly dream,
  699. all the fitness He requireth
  700. is to feel your need for Him.
  701. And this He gives you -
  702. this is the Spirit working in you,
  703. when we feel our need for Him.
  704. And then, look, He calls you,
  705. "My undefiled,"
  706. Or as the New American Standard
  707. translates it, "My perfect one."
  708. Notice, He's not knocking at the door
  709. in wrath for you.
  710. He calls you now His undefiled.
  711. Because from the moment someone
  712. truly repents and puts
    their faith in Christ,
  713. God is never angry at the believer again.
  714. Because as we've just sung there
  715. on that cross, the wrath of God
  716. was completely satisfied.
  717. He was punished in our place.
  718. Jesus cried out upon that cross,
  719. "It is finished!"
  720. Do you see that?
  721. It is finished.
  722. Or are you still trying to finish it?
  723. Because seeing that is eternal life.
  724. Seeing what He has done there -
  725. that He has completely and perfectly
  726. satisfied the wrath of God
  727. on behalf of all those who will trust Him.
  728. He paid the penalty for
    the sins of His bride -
  729. past, present, and future.
  730. You know, when I first went to a church,
  731. I was told there that when you believe,
  732. Christ paid for the sins up to the point
  733. that you become a Christian,
  734. and then you were sort of left then.
  735. That didn't bring me much joy.
  736. Of course, it's false.
  737. But He's taken away our sins
  738. as far as the east is from the west,
  739. the Bible says.
  740. So far has He removed our
    transgressions from us.
  741. I mean, think about this.
  742. How far is the east from the west?
  743. You just keep going.
  744. He says, "For I will be merciful
  745. to their unrighteousness."
  746. This is what He's doing here at the door.
  747. "...and their sins and their iniquities
  748. will I remember no more."
  749. You see, He brings us under conviction
  750. to chasten us as a father chastens the son
  751. in whom he delights, in whom he loves.
  752. But once you rest in His finished work,
  753. He never comes to you in wrath again.
  754. I mean, God did not go to such an expense
  755. to pay for your sins,
  756. so He could just frown
    at you all day long.
  757. But everything Christ does is perfect.
  758. You see, when He saves someone,
  759. He perfectly saves them.
  760. When God adopts someone as His child,
  761. He perfectly adopts them.
  762. When God forgives someone,
  763. He perfectly forgives them.
  764. It's not like man often does,
  765. where they say I forgive someone
  766. and they bury the axe,
  767. but they leave the hatchet showing
  768. so they can dig it up at a later date.
  769. "I have blotted out as a thick cloud
  770. your transgressions,
  771. as a thick cloud your sins.
  772. Return unto Me, for I have redeemed you."
  773. Look, believer, despite your feelings
  774. of neglect of Him,
  775. He's not knocking to you in anger here.
  776. He calls you, "My undefiled."
  777. These hands that knock here
  778. have holes in,
  779. pierced for your sin, believer.
  780. Is that not enough to you?
  781. This should really motivate you
  782. to just yield yourself to Him.
  783. There's a dear brother in England we met,
  784. Leslie Smith.
  785. One thing he told me: yield.
  786. Because Satan comes with all accusations
  787. and thoughts, different things,
  788. and people start toying with it,
  789. but the moment you yield to Christ,
  790. it's over.
  791. And it's so true.
  792. Take captive every thought.
  793. And then in the third part
  794. of His plea to the believer
  795. to open up the door,
  796. Christ says, "For My
    head is filled with dew,
  797. and My locks with the drops of the night."
  798. He's left in the cold outside here.
  799. And a night and dew in Scripture
  800. is sometimes symbolic
    of trial and affliction.
  801. In Daniel 4, when Nebuchadnezzar
  802. was at his lowest state -
  803. he was said to be wet
    with the dew of heaven.
  804. And brethren, Christ feels the hurt.
  805. You know, since I've been in the U.S.,
  806. I've been able to contact my wife on Skype
  807. almost every day.
  808. That was, except last Monday,
  809. because we were so busy,
  810. we were doing various outreaches,
  811. and with all the time differences
  812. I was unable to speak to her that day.
  813. Each time I turned on my laptop
  814. hoping to see her,
  815. it was a time when either she wasn't there
  816. or she was in bed.
  817. On the morning before we left
  818. the house to go to the outreach,
  819. I put on my computer,
  820. and I was so excited to speak with her,
  821. but she happened to be out.
  822. Then, when we came back
  823. from the outreach,
  824. I was getting all excited again,
  825. longing to speak to my wife.
  826. I'm getting flutters in my heart
  827. as I switch the computer on.
  828. But she'd gone to bed.
  829. It was kind of late there.
  830. But it just really brought home to me
  831. just how much more
  832. God longs to hear from us
  833. and speak with His bride.
  834. And how He feels it
  835. when we don't come to be alone with Him.
  836. While we're here, if you'll just look
  837. at Song of Solomon 2:14.
  838. At the end of v. 13,
  839. Christ says, "Arise, My love,
  840. My fair one and come away."
  841. And then He says there in v. 14,
  842. "Oh, My dove,
  843. that art in the clefts of the rock,
  844. in the secret places in the stairs."
  845. These are the little cracks
  846. in the rock, if you like,
  847. where doves would hide for protection.
  848. The analogy here is, as we sang there,
  849. Jesus Christ being our hiding place.
  850. Coming to hide in Him.
  851. But notice here what He calls you.
  852. "Let me see thy countenance."
  853. Let me see your face.
  854. He wants to see your face.
  855. "Let me hear thy voice,
  856. for sweet is thy voice
  857. and thy countenance (your face)
  858. is beautiful."
  859. Because Christ doesn't
    just put away your sin,
  860. but He gives you the perfect,
  861. the beauty, the righteousness
    of Jesus Christ.
  862. If ever I feel cold and dry in prayer,
  863. I come back to these verses.
  864. That Christ, He says,
  865. let Me hear your voice.
  866. Let Me see your face.
  867. You know, Keith Green sang:
  868. "Oh, Lord, You're beautiful.
  869. Your face is all I seek.
  870. And when Your eyes are on this child,
  871. Your grace abounds to me."
  872. Well, brethren, this is a song.
  873. The Song of Solomon.
  874. And God is singing the
    same thing to us there.
  875. Believe it.
  876. He sees you as beautiful.
  877. Your face is all He seeks.
  878. We go back to chapter 5.
  879. But believer, when we neglect
  880. secret communion with God -
  881. Jesus said not if, but when
  882. you pray in secret.
  883. Or when we leave our first love
  884. to be busy in some cold,
  885. compromised way,
  886. Christ feels this.
  887. The Bible speaks of His
    Spirit being grieved.
  888. Grief is an emotional hurt.
  889. You see, God is not
    some feelingless robot.
  890. The Bible says He is
    longsuffering towards us.
  891. Now, that implies that He feels
  892. the suffering towards our cold behavior.
  893. This is the same God, brethren,
  894. Who wept over Jerusalem.
  895. Now, look in v. 3 here at the bride's
  896. half-hearted response.
  897. After she hears her beloved outside
  898. knocking and pleading with her
  899. in great love for her
  900. to open up the door,
  901. she just makes excuses.
  902. She says, v. 3, "I have put off my coat.
  903. How shall I put it on?"
  904. This refers to the full middle-Eastern
  905. robe or garment.
  906. Basically, she's gone to bed.
  907. "I have washed my feet.
  908. How shall I defile (or dirty) them again?"
  909. You know, if I get up to answer the door,
  910. I'm going to have to wash my feet again.
  911. I'm cozy in bed now.
  912. But brethren, how many times
  913. have we been cold to Christ -
  914. locked Him out, so to speak,
  915. because you want to do your own thing
  916. or hold on to some idol?
  917. But even when you hear Him knock
  918. and call out to you,
  919. when you're reminded of Who He is,
  920. and you're reminded
    of His great love to you,
  921. and you're reminded of
    what He's done for you,
  922. and how He is grieved;
  923. how often do you, like the bride,
  924. still make excuses
  925. and start reasoning
  926. to continue in a half-hearted state
  927. of compromise?
  928. You know, one thing I heard
  929. that really helped me
  930. is we know right and wrong in His Word,
  931. but what tends to happen is
  932. the believer at times will be deceived
  933. and start reasoning,
  934. when it's a simple yes or no.
  935. Will you obey Christ or won't you obey?
  936. And once you boil it down to that,
  937. and you stop reasoning,
  938. and just yield to Christ,
  939. it's over there.
  940. How often have you
    heard a sermon like this
  941. speaking of God's love for you
  942. in spite of your failings?
  943. And you're convicted, and you're thinking,
  944. yeah, I'm going to commune with Him now,
  945. put Him first in all of my affections.
  946. I'm going to rise up early
  947. and meet Him for secret
    communion and prayer,
  948. but then it gets to Monday or Tuesday,
  949. and you're making excuses
  950. in order to keep Christ out
  951. and carry on in your compromised way.
  952. "I have put off my coat.
  953. How shall I put it on?
  954. I have washed my feet.
  955. How shall I defile (or dirty) them?"
  956. Notice also here,
  957. that in the bride's thinking here,
  958. in making excuses to carry on in her state
  959. of compromise - in her reasoning,
  960. she has come to the conclusion
  961. that to fully open up to Christ -
  962. to submit to Him fully -
  963. would somehow be a great trouble
  964. or burden to her.
  965. She's been deceived at this point
  966. into thinking she's better off
  967. with whatever carnal security
  968. she's getting from whatever is between
  969. her and Christ.
  970. Listen to me.
  971. Anytime we do not put Christ
  972. at the chiefest of our affections,
  973. it is because we have been deceived.
  974. How often does one think of sin
  975. or toying with sin as if it's a virtue?
  976. No one would ever do it otherwise.
  977. No one sins unless they feel
  978. it's going to benefit them in some way.
  979. And v. 4, and the bride continues to say,
  980. "My beloved put His hand
  981. by the hole of the door,
  982. and my bowels were moved for Him."
  983. Jesus Christ - He is the everlasting door.
  984. And the Bible says,
  985. while were yet sinners,
  986. He made His way into our hearts.
  987. You see, this hole in the
    door here in this text,
  988. you would have basically a large door
  989. with a wooden bar across it
  990. and various pins and locks.
  991. And there's a hole you
    can put your hand into
  992. to remove some of those pins
  993. and some of those locks.
  994. Although, there's more to it than that.
  995. You have to open it on the inside also.
  996. As we can see there,
  997. the bride still needs to open up.
  998. But notice here, that when the bride
  999. is locking Christ out here,
  1000. and even when He knocks
  1001. and calls her in love to
    her to open up to Him,
  1002. and she makes excuses,
  1003. He doesn't just leave her,
  1004. but He finds this little gap
  1005. and undoes some of those pins.
  1006. Basically, He makes it easier here
  1007. for the bride to open up fully to Him.
  1008. Christ begins here to effectually move
  1009. on the bride's heart.
  1010. And so she's going to rise now
  1011. to open up the door.
  1012. And Jesus often does this.
  1013. When Peter denied Christ,
  1014. the only thing that made
    Peter turn again to Him,
  1015. was Christ praying for Peter
  1016. that his faith fail not.
  1017. As I read Octavius Winslow said,
  1018. it takes as big a miracle
  1019. for a believer when we fall in any way
  1020. to come back to Christ - to turn -
  1021. than for the new birth in the first place.
  1022. When Peter was at his lowest ebb
  1023. in running from God,
  1024. Jesus went after Peter
  1025. and won him by His love.
  1026. And believer, when you fail,
  1027. the only reason you return to Him
  1028. is because He effectually draws you
  1029. by His love.
  1030. If He left you to yourself,
  1031. then you would be long gone.
  1032. His love is a love that
    will not let you go.
  1033. It says in chapter 8:
    "stronger than death."
  1034. Death is pretty strong.
  1035. It's quite final.
  1036. So rest your weary soul in Him.
  1037. In v. 5, after Christ effectually moves
  1038. the heart of the bride here,
  1039. she says, "I rose to open to my beloved,
  1040. and my hands dropped with myrrh,
  1041. and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh
  1042. upon the handles of the lock."
  1043. I want you to notice here first of all
  1044. that repentance always results in action.
  1045. Repentance involves all
    of your inner being,
  1046. being moved with compassion,
  1047. with longing for Christ,
  1048. and so it will be evidenced
  1049. by a turning from the present state one is
  1050. and to the living God.
  1051. There is no such thing
    as a true repentance
  1052. that does not involve action.
  1053. And notice in v. 5,
  1054. when the bride rises up to open
  1055. to her beloved, she says,
  1056. "My hands dropped with myrrh,
  1057. and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh,
  1058. upon the handles of the lock."
  1059. Although as we see in the next verse
  1060. that by this time when
    she finally responds,
  1061. Christ has further withdrawn His presence
  1062. from her, but notice here -
  1063. don't miss this.
  1064. Before He did, He put His hand
  1065. through the hole in the door to her heart
  1066. in the previous verse.
  1067. He left her here with
    the fragrance of Himself,
  1068. so that she would long for Him.
  1069. And how true this is, believer,
  1070. that even when it times Christ withdraws
  1071. His presence from you,
  1072. because of your disobedience
  1073. and stubborn will to carry on
  1074. in a compromised state,
  1075. He graciosly leaves you, believer,
  1076. with a longing - with
    a yearning for Himself.
  1077. And in v. 6, the bride
    finally rises and says,
  1078. "I opened to my beloved,
  1079. but my beloved had withdrawn Himself
  1080. and was gone.
  1081. My soul failed when He spake.
  1082. I sought Him, but I could not find Him.
  1083. I called Him, but He gave me no answer."
  1084. For the bride's own good here,
  1085. Christ has withdrawn the
    sense of His presence.
  1086. Of course, He's still with her,
  1087. watching over her.
  1088. But He's done this to teach her a lesson
  1089. that she cannot be half-hearted
  1090. towards Him.
  1091. And after finding her
    in this prolonged state
  1092. of compromise,
  1093. when despite His pleas of love
  1094. for the bride,
  1095. she was continually cold to Him,
  1096. and so He left her with the fragrance
  1097. of Himself so that she would yearn for Him
  1098. and cause her to seek Him.
  1099. And so, when she finally rises
  1100. from her state of spiritual slumber
  1101. and opens the door,
  1102. she finds that her beloved
    has withdrawn Himself,
  1103. because listen to me.
  1104. Christ does not want us to continue
  1105. in this half-hearted state of devotion,
  1106. nor does He want our
    three-quarter devotion.
  1107. But He wants us to desperately seek Him
  1108. with all our heart.
  1109. And so that when you find Him,
  1110. He doesn't want us to have the attitude
  1111. of slip back into the previous attitude
  1112. that we can just take Him or leave Him;
  1113. pick Him up and drop Him
  1114. whenever we like.
  1115. But as you go through this book,
  1116. the Song of Solomon,
  1117. you see this Christian life
  1118. where the bride comes to maturity,
  1119. and He teaches the bride
  1120. by chastening her in this way,
  1121. to cling to Him;
  1122. to lean upon Him.
  1123. Again, growing in Christian maturity
  1124. is growing in dependence upon Him;
  1125. clinging more to Christ.
  1126. And notice here, she sought Him
  1127. by calling Him in prayer,
  1128. but He gave no answer.
  1129. Let me ask you a question, believer.
  1130. Have you ever woken up
    early in the morning,
  1131. and you feel like you must get up to pray?
  1132. And you know it's God tugging
  1133. on your heart to spend time with Him.
  1134. Or maybe it's late at night.
  1135. But you just roll over.
  1136. You stay in bed.
  1137. Because you're reasoning within yourself.
  1138. Well, I need to get more sleep
  1139. because if I get extra sleep,
  1140. then I'll have more strength
  1141. to live this coming day
    in my own strength.
  1142. That's what it is, isn't it?
  1143. The Lord woke me up at 4 a.m. this morning
  1144. and preaching this, I thought,
  1145. I better get up.
  1146. But what happens?
  1147. After putting Him off like
    the bride in our text?
  1148. You eventually wake up
  1149. and you still pick your Bible up
  1150. and pray as duty.
  1151. You try to make a deal with God
  1152. saying well, if I do my bit,
  1153. then You do Yours today.
  1154. But then you find that God
    has withdrawn Himself.
  1155. And so for the rest of the day,
  1156. you can't find Him.
  1157. As John Bunyan said,
  1158. "he who runs from God in the morning
  1159. will scarcely find Him
    the rest of the day."
  1160. Or, have you ever felt
  1161. like Christ is bringing conviction
  1162. over you for something,
  1163. but despite His many pleas to you,
  1164. you make excuse after excuse
  1165. to hold on to it?
  1166. And when you finally come to your senses,
  1167. and you let go of what is between
  1168. you and Christ,
  1169. you find He has withdrawn Himself.
  1170. And you can't find Him.
  1171. You see, the lost, carnal church member
  1172. experiences something like this
  1173. when after living like a spiritual,
  1174. lukewarm sluggard,
  1175. they reject Christ's mercy and conviction
  1176. time after time.
  1177. And when they finally open the door,
  1178. they find He's gone.
  1179. And so, the lost, carnal church member,
  1180. they think well, if that's the case,
  1181. I may as well go back to bed again.
  1182. I may as well carry on
  1183. in my lukewarm slumber.
  1184. But look here, what happens
  1185. to the true believer
  1186. when Christ does this.
  1187. The true believer, like the bride here,
  1188. Christ brings us to our senses,
  1189. so that he or she will desperately
  1190. seek Him and try to find Him,
  1191. and will not stop until we do.
  1192. Because the beloved
  1193. has the words of eternal life -
  1194. to whom else is she going to go?
  1195. And then in v. 7,
  1196. the bride in her search for Christ,
  1197. she runs about the streets.
  1198. She's wounded by these false teachers.
  1199. "The watchmen that went about the city,
  1200. the smote me.
  1201. They wounded me.
  1202. The keepers of the walls
  1203. took away my veil from me."
  1204. You have wolves in sheep's clothing here
  1205. who when they find
    the true bride of Christ
  1206. in desperation and despair,
  1207. they only smite her and wound her more.
  1208. They rudely rip off her veil
  1209. or a cloak or a shoal -
  1210. it's not quite clear what it is.
  1211. But basically, they're
    showing no respect for her.
  1212. And listen to me,
  1213. you need to make sure
  1214. you're in a Biblical fellowship
  1215. with true believers.
  1216. This is so important.
  1217. If you need to, move.
  1218. Sometimes, I speak to people
  1219. all the time who are looking
  1220. for a true church; a true fellowship
  1221. who can find nothing where they are.
  1222. But what I've noticed is
  1223. when someone's a true believer,
  1224. they'll crawl over
    broken glass to find it.
  1225. But in some cases,
  1226. people can't find a true fellowship
  1227. because they don't love the brethren.
  1228. No church is perfect enough for them.
  1229. We know that we have passed
  1230. from death to life
  1231. because we love the brethren.
  1232. This is one of the chiefest evidences
  1233. that you are a Christian.
  1234. I was told that, I think,
  1235. it was Frances Havergal who said
  1236. if you miss one meeting
  1237. which you otherwise have no real excuse
  1238. not to attend,
  1239. then there's a red flag there.
  1240. You must find, like the bride did,
  1241. earlier on in this book,
  1242. where Christ feeds His flock.
  1243. It's no good having an Internet pastor.
  1244. And then in v. 8,
  1245. she says, "I charge you,
    O daughters of Jerusalem,
  1246. if ye find my beloved,
  1247. that you tell Him that I am sick of love."
  1248. The idea here is that she is lovesick.
  1249. Just like if a husband
    is called to go to war,
  1250. and his bride is left at home
  1251. yearning for him.
  1252. Notice here, the bride,
  1253. she desperately wants Him now by her side.
  1254. And brethren, let me finish
    with this this morning.
  1255. Maybe this finds you
  1256. in a state of compromise
  1257. like the bride in v. 2 and v. 3.
  1258. Locking Christ out.
  1259. Making excuses not to
    fully open up to Him.
  1260. And He even tugs on your heart.
  1261. But now, even though
  1262. He has withdrawn His presence,
  1263. but you're desperate for Him.
  1264. This is Christ working on you.
  1265. If that's you, be encouraged.
  1266. I don't want to end on this note.
  1267. The bride doesn't stop here.
  1268. I can show you many places
  1269. where she finds Christ
  1270. and she clings to Him.
  1271. In v. 9, the daughters of Jerusalem
  1272. say to the bride,
  1273. "What is thy beloved more
    than another beloved,
  1274. O, thou fairest among women?
  1275. What is thy beloved more
    than another beloved
  1276. that thou dost charge us?"
  1277. Now, it could be that the bride
  1278. has left such a bad example,
  1279. that they're saying here,
  1280. why should we seek Him
  1281. if He's so special?
  1282. And we are all an example - good or bad.
  1283. But I don't think that is the case
  1284. here with this text,
  1285. because these are the
    daughters of Jerusalem.
  1286. They call her, "O, thou
    fairest among women."
  1287. They have great respect
    for the bride here.
  1288. I think this is a sense of when you hear
  1289. a testimony of someone like
  1290. Darlene Rose, Corrie Ten Boom,
  1291. and they've seen Christ in heights
  1292. of His love.
  1293. They've experienced more than you have.
  1294. So you want them to recount their stories.
  1295. And you say what is thy beloved
  1296. more than another beloved,
  1297. O fairest among women?
  1298. O, maturer Christian than me.
  1299. Stir me up to seek Him with you,
  1300. as she does in 8.1.
  1301. And then the bride continues,
  1302. "my beloved is white and ruddy,
  1303. the chiefest among ten thousand."
  1304. White here white as a lily,
  1305. as pure as a lily, I think,
  1306. is what this is teaching.
  1307. And ruddy, a ruddy rose.
  1308. Basically, my beloved is pure love.
  1309. And then in such picturesque language here
  1310. she describes Christ.
  1311. She describes every part of her beloved -
  1312. how glorious He is
  1313. and she rounds it off in v. 16
  1314. by saying, "His mouth is most sweet.
  1315. Yea, He is altogether lovely."
  1316. He is wholly desirable.
  1317. Everything about Christ is desirable.
  1318. There is not one flaw in Him.
  1319. "This is my Beloved,
  1320. and this is my Friend,
  1321. O daughters of Jerusalem."
  1322. I want you to notice there
  1323. that by v. 16, she knows Christ
  1324. once again to be close to her.
  1325. She has the assurance
  1326. that He is her friend.
  1327. What caused this?
  1328. The answer is by focusing
  1329. on what Christ is like;
  1330. on His character.
  1331. She took her eyes off self
  1332. and once she saw the character of Christ,
  1333. she knew His love once again for her.
  1334. Again, 6.1, I'm only going to go two more.
  1335. They ask her once again,
  1336. "Whither has thy beloved gone,
  1337. O fairest among women?
  1338. Whither has thy beloved turned aside
  1339. that we may seek Him with thee?"
  1340. This is a prayer meeting -
  1341. seeking Christ together.
  1342. But notice her answer.
  1343. "My beloved has gone down
  1344. into His gardens,
  1345. to the beds of spices
  1346. to feed in the gardens
  1347. and to gather lilies."
  1348. The reason He went from your door
  1349. is to pick flowers for you.
  1350. The lily also in chapter 2,
  1351. you know Christ is compared to a lily.
  1352. And then the believer
    is compared to a lily.
  1353. A lily among thorns,
  1354. so is my love among the daughters.
  1355. The thorns are the false converts.
  1356. Picture this. This is how
    Christ sees this world.
  1357. This barren wildnerness of thorny ground.
  1358. Good for nothing but burning.
  1359. And then, there's this one precious lily
  1360. in the middle of it all.
  1361. That is how Christ looks upon you.
  1362. Because He's taken away your sin
  1363. and He's given you His perfect
  1364. beautiful righteousness.
  1365. At the death of a Christian,
  1366. what happens?
  1367. Christ is gathering lilies.
  1368. He's picking flowers for Himself.
  1369. So let me leave you with this.
  1370. Am I speaking to lilies?
  1371. Or am I speaking to thorns?
  1372. Have you come to this place
  1373. where you've seen Christ's love?
  1374. Or do you still see Him
  1375. as a hard taskmaster?
  1376. Again, it is finished upon that cross.
  1377. Just surrender to His love.
  1378. You pass from death to life.
  1379. If you will just surrender
  1380. to what He's done -
  1381. His finished work.
  1382. If you come to Him,
    He will not cast you out.
  1383. But come to Him on His terms.
  1384. Yield to Him.
  1385. Surrender to His love.
  1386. Stop trying to save yourself
  1387. and say, "Lord, save me."
  1388. So let's close in prayer.
  1389. Father, I just thank You
  1390. that You chose to love us
  1391. before You laid the
    foundations of the world;
  1392. that Your love to us is
    without beginning, without end;
  1393. that even before we were in the womb,
  1394. You knew us, Father.
  1395. I thank You that Yours is a love
  1396. that will not let us go -
  1397. a love that is stronger than death;
  1398. that many waters, many floods,
  1399. cannot quench the flame of Jehovah.
  1400. I pray You would use
    these words now, Lord,
  1401. to help us to put You first;
  1402. to seek You first.
  1403. May Your Spirit teach us these words,
  1404. so they become our intimate friends.
  1405. May we own these words, Father,
  1406. and know that Your desire is towards us
  1407. and that we are Yours
  1408. because You sought us and bought us
  1409. at a price.
  1410. I pray, Lord, for anyone
  1411. who does not know You;
  1412. for anyone who is struggling
    with assurance even,
  1413. that they would own these truths this day.
  1414. That they would come to the Father
  1415. through Jesus the Son
  1416. and give Him the glory.
  1417. Great things He has done.
  1418. In Jesus' name,
  1419. Amen.