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  1. We can see what looks like a almost linear
  2. relationship between carat weight and price after doing some transformations,
  3. but surely there are other factors that influence the price
  4. of a diamond. When I was looking around at diamonds
  5. I noticed that clarity seemed to factor into price.
  6. Of course, many consumers are looking for a diamond of
  7. a certain minimum size. So we shouldn't expect clarity to
  8. be as strong a factor as carat weight. And I
  9. must admit that even though my grandparents were
  10. jewelers. I initially had a hard time discerning a
  11. diamond rated VVS1 from one rated SI2. Surely, most
  12. people need a jeweler's loop to tell the difference.
  13. According to blue nile, the cut of a diamond
  14. has a much more consequential impact on that fiery
  15. quality that jewelers describe when they talk about diamonds.
  16. On clarity, the website states many of these imperfections
  17. are microscopic and do not affect the diamonds beauty in any discernible way.