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05-09 Customer_Archetype

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  1. That's kind of wonderful, but we keep talking about the customer.
  2. Let me remind you what it looks like from their side and we'll be talking about customers in more detail
  3. in the next lecture, but why don't I just give you preview.
  4. In customer segments, we are also also looking for three things--
  5. one is we are still trying to understand from this side what are the gains, what are the pains,
  6. but also what are jobs that customers want you to do.
  7. What are the functional or social jobs, what are the emotional jobs, what are the basic needs
  8. that you're going to be solving or problems.
  9. And the goal of all these is not just to understand this but to understand it in enough detail
  10. that you could actually draw the persona or archetype of those customers
  11. and put them on the wall of your engineering department because now they could stare at faces
  12. that you'll clip out and specs of how old they are, where they were,
  13. what job they're trying to get done, and what pains and gains
  14. your value proposition is trying to solve for them.
  15. And until you do that, you're just going to be making products in the dark.