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What “Song” Are You Listening To These Days? - Fear Or Faith

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    Hey, what song are you listening to in these days?
    What song are you listening to?
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    Are you listening to this song?
  • 0:08 - 0:14
    Oh, come on! This virus have just changed everything.
    Nothing is as supposed to be, anymore.
  • 0:14 - 0:18
    I don't recognize the world anymore.
    This virus, i don't know what you think.
  • 0:18 - 0:22
    People are dying.
    First in hundreds, but now in thousands.
  • 0:22 - 0:25
    People are dying, and look at New York, they are shutting down New York
  • 0:25 - 0:29
    and North Carolina, where i'm from, they shut down yesterday,
  • 0:29 - 0:34
    for thirty days, thirty days is long time.
    Thirty days is long time.
  • 0:34 - 0:36
    And they are changing the laws, I don't like that.
  • 0:36 - 0:41
    Denmark, where I'm from, they are changed the laws; now they want to force vaccination people
What “Song” Are You Listening To These Days? - Fear Or Faith

Are you listening to the “song” of fear, disasters, and end-times terror? Or are you listening to the “song” of faith, revival and the new heaven and earth?

See this short video, and make sure you’re listening to the right “song”!

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