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  1. As you can imagine, since data science is being deployed in a wide range of
  2. fields, data scientists use many different tools, depending on the task at hand.
  3. Two of the most common tools used by data scientists are Numpy and Pandas.
  4. Numpy is popular because it adds support for
  5. things like multi-dimensional arrays and matrices.
  6. It also adds a lot of mathematical functions that base python lacks.
  7. Pandas on the other hand, allows us to structure and
  8. manipulate our data in ways that are particularly well suited for data analysis.
  9. If you happen to be familiar with the scripting language R,
  10. Pandas takes a lot of the best elements from R and implements them in Python.
  11. Both Numpy and Pandas are popular tools in the data science world, so
  12. being familiar with them will help you read other people's code in the future.
  13. Why don't we quickly discuss a couple of the more important features in both
  14. Numpy and Pandas?