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  1. Angela, how many times do you actually
    launch Sunshine during the day?
  2. >> Probably about 100, I mean,
    we are working on it right now.
  3. >> No, no, I mean to check the weather.
  4. >> Oh, maybe three?
  5. >> Do you really feel like
    Sunshine's making you amazing?
  6. >> No.
    >> That's the problem,
  7. remember the Android creative vision,
    make me amazing?
  8. >> Right,
    that's why we added those notifications.
  9. >> Exactly.
  10. Notifications are a great way of
    bringing Sunshine to the users,
  11. making it just a normal
    part of their day.
  12. >> The students spend all that
    time building a content provider.
  13. We should show them how useful it is,
  14. have them leverage it,
    to build a widget.
  15. >> Great idea Dan,
  16. I actually have a bunch of ideas on
    how to bring Sunshine to the users.
  17. >> So then, what are you waiting for?