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  1. And so we're in the last piece in detail is what gain are you creating.
  2. What are the benefits the customer expects, desires or surprise about.
  3. So again you're going to start with your hypothesis--"What makes the customer happy,"
  4. or is that you're going to create savings and time or money and effort.
  5. Is this a product that delights them because the outcome is better than you could even imagine,
  6. better quality, or more of something or less of something they're going to like.
  7. Does it just simply outperform current solutions that delighted customer.
  8. Does it make your job or life easier, or does it create positive consequences
  9. that a customer desires.
  10. Again, it could be a social consequence for a need or it could be a business consequence--
  11. they get more sales, etc.
  12. And so much like thinking through pain, you'll start with a set of hypothesis,
  13. but the only way to understand this is outside the building in front of lots of customers.