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  1. Now, hopefully you were able to breeze right through
  2. this if you had some slight understanding of these
  3. terms over here. Now, if we compare this first
  4. sequence to the original up here, we see the only
  5. difference is a one letter change right here. That
  6. means that this is going to be a single nucleotide
  7. chain. The second sequence actually looks the same as
  8. the original, except that it's missing a CA right here.
  9. So there's been a deletion. The next one
  10. has actually had an insertion added in for
  11. have been a number two. This fourth one. Notice there was a TAC and then it got
  12. repeated and repeated again. This is what we
  13. call a Trinucleotide repeat. We have three in
  14. a row. And in this last one turned out to be a complete duplication end to end.
  15. The sequence was just duplicated over. So would be number three.