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  1. So, when you're walking into a brick and
    mortar store in the real world.
  2. It's pretty obvious that you're
    going to put down some money and
  3. you're going to buy something.
  4. Is that similar for apps?
  5. >> Yes and no.
  6. If you wish to charge user
    before they download your app,
  7. you can do it in a simple way.
  8. First, create a Merchant Account.
  9. Second, set the prices for
    your app in the Developer Console.
  10. Third, you can optionally
    include advertising or
  11. use In-app billing to sell
    additional features or content.
  12. Web links to all the three stages
    in the instructor notes down below.
  13. It's important to remember
    who are you targeting?
  14. Since this model may limit your
    app monetization potential.
  15. Particularly in developing market.
  16. You may be able to achieve greater
    revenue by using the freemium or
  17. subscription models.