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  1. [SOUND]
  2. . Wow! I just got a packet. Very exciting. Let's check out what's inside.
  3. Nothing. That's pretty disappointing. Now, in the real world, you might be
  4. disappointed. In the data world, this is a major problem. If we send a packet,
  5. we are always transmitting a header and a parity. And if it doesn't have any
  6. content, that's a total waste of time. You are clogging up the whole
  7. infrastructure with nothing. So we need to avoid this. Therefore we're going to
  8. model our packet now that has always content that is greater than zero. At
  9. least one byte of data has to be transmitted.
  10. >> Let's supplement our packet with a constraint. In this case, we are saying that
  11. the minimum packet length should be one. The constraint syntax repeat here is
  12. simple. Keep, give it a name and say is and then specify a boolean expression.
  13. You put a constraint right down here, so it's in the neighborhood of the length
  14. field.