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  1. Now our family rainbow, or family tree down here, does
  2. a pretty good job at showing us, well, family relatedness,
  3. right? We can see all of our connections. And we
  4. also get some idea of our genetic relatedness, because we know
  5. as we step out each tier, how much we're related
  6. to that individual. But what we're missing, is trait relatedness.
  7. We've talked a great deal up to this point that
  8. having different alleles of different genes may not result in the
  9. same traits that other family members in
  10. your family have. And this diagram doesn't
  11. really tell us for any given trait, do you have the same trait your
  12. mother has? Or your great-grandfather? Or your
  13. grand-aunt on your father's side? We're going to
  14. need a better way of organizing information
  15. to include family, egnetic and trait relatedness.