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  1. So there is, in fact, inheritable component to the development of bipolar, and
  2. we see this in the fact that it tends to run in families. So, for instance, if
  3. a sibling or a parent has the disorder, it does increase the odds of anyone
  4. else in the family getting the disorder. But of course, again, this is by no
  5. means inevitable. We also have to have an environmental aspect to the disorder.
  6. Fact in this case, exposure to alcohol while a fetus increases the odds of the
  7. development of bi-polar. It also, in fact, increases the odds of depression,
  8. schizophrenia, and alcoholism. So once again we see this complex interplay
  9. between the forces of Nature, and the forces of n-, nurture. In the development
  10. of a disorder, and, in this case, bipolar.