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  1. These are sounds.
  2. Sounds are our way
    of communication.
  3. Our way of understanding.
  4. Have you ever thought
  5. that your voice
    sounds much better in the bath?
  6. What is the extent of teachers' rights?
  7. What if you could become something like
    an animal? Is that possible?
  8. What separates those who primarily
    have an idea
  9. and those who want to bring it to life
    is simple.
  10. A society assumes that that is the story
    of every black man walking the Earth.
  11. It is assumed that that is my story,
    before I even begin to tell it.
  12. Because everything I've just told you
    so far is a lie and I just made it all up.
  13. My talk is actually about the art of lying
    and convincing people
  14. that what you're saying is true.
  15. We've developed technologies to give
    ourselves more and more pleasure.
  16. We're turning into a world like
    the "Brave New World" of Aldous Huxley .
  17. This is Ted-ED and this is what we do.