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  1. We're going to talk about more advanced issues on random testing.
  2. And so we're going to talk about things like test oracles.
  3. This is always a big issue when we're using random testing.
  4. We're going to talk about how random testing fits into the bigger picture--that is to say how ideally
  5. a random tester that you develop will sort of co-evolve with the software that is testing.
  6. They can both strengthen each other over time.
  7. We're also going to talk about perhaps the trickiest topic of all in random testing
  8. which is tweaking and tuning the rules and probabilities involved in making
  9. a random test case so that they'll actually do a good job.
  10. And so together these issues and some others that we're going to cover, constitute what I would sort of think
  11. of as kind of advanced random testing issues.
  12. What these are going to do is give you a basis for creating a really strong random test case generators.