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  1. Like the others, Skinner thought that we evolved such that we have the vocal
  2. apparatus to be able to learn language. And in fact Skinner though that we
  3. learn language just like we learn any other behavior. And that's why he calls
  4. it verbal behavior. We are surrounded by verbal communities and they teach us
  5. the sounds and words that are effective in that community. And you'll notice
  6. that parents use imitation and reinforcement when teaching their children how
  7. to talk. That's right Johnny, you said water, good job. So in addition to
  8. reinforcement, you may also be punished for language. For example, perhaps you
  9. said a curse word in front of somebody you shouldn't have and you got in
  10. trouble for it. If you speak differently to your friends than you do to your
  11. parents or your grandparents, you would have what Skinner would say, audience
  12. control. Meaning you're reinforced to speak in a certain way in front of some
  13. people, and speaking that way in front of others, you could actually be
  14. punished. If language were discovered, then why didn't Jeannie learned how to
  15. speak. Well actually, we saw that Jeannie did try to speak, and was imitating,
  16. but she was punished for it, remember, her dad barked at her. Therefore she had
  17. limited language skills. Finally we're going to ask again why is it very
  18. important and we hope that we can get some practical applications from a
  19. theory. And it turns out theory of Skinner in verbal behavior using principles
  20. of operand conditioning has been very effective in teaching children with
  21. autism how to speak. And they even use these theories to teach individuals with
  22. intellectual disabilities how to speak.