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  1. Fun fact.
  2. James, did you know that,
  3. in many parts of the world, names are capitalized differently?
  4. While Americans capitalize the first letter of both names,
  5. in many places of the world, the first name has the first letter capitalized,
  6. while the last name is entirely capitalized.
  7. >> Really?
  8. I guess that does make sense.
  9. In some countries, I know that they list the family name first and
  10. the first name second, and it probably makes sense if
  11. our resumes could switch to international mode to do the same.
  12. >> Yeah, this sounds like an interesting challenge.
  13. First off, append the internationalized button to the main div.
  14. This is just a string with HTML that will create a button.
  15. Then, create a function named inName() that takes a string of two names and
  16. returns an internationalized version that would look something like this.
  17. When you're done, check this button.
  18. You should be able to see the new internationalized name show up on
  19. the resume every time you click the button.