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  1. Okay, I hope you're enjoying the course so far.
  2. Here's an exercise that'll give you a chance to do
  3. some data wrangling using the XLRD module in Python.
  4. What I'd like you to do here, is read through
  5. the aircot hourly load file. This file here, and report the time stamp,
  6. which is stored in this column, and load for the min, max, and
  7. average values from this column. From the coast region of Texas. Let's
  8. quickly take a look at the code provided. What I'd
  9. like you to look at first are the assertions here
  10. at the bottom. This gives you an idea for the
  11. type of values you need to produce. What I'd like you
  12. to do here, is find the max value in that
  13. column B, the coast region. And then, for that max
  14. value, find the value on column to the left where
  15. the time stamp is stored. And report it as a tuple,
  16. just like we did when we were looking at our example of how
  17. to use XLRD. In order to complete this exercise, you'll be working in
  18. the Parse File function. And you need to pull out values that will
  19. allow you to complete this data dictionary
  20. right here, which is going to be returned.