Baptist Pastor Admits He Got It Wrong - He Got A New Life And Everything Changed!

Baptist Pastor Admits He Got It Wrong - He Got A New Life And Everything Changed!

This is an amazing testimony from Matt, a Baptist pastor who was ready to humble himself and experience freedom from religion and depression. Not only did his life get changed, but also his whole family and church!

Listen to the end of this video where he shares what has happened in just two weeks!

Yes, he had gotten it all backwards when it was said that the Book of Acts was just a transcendental book. It's not. It's the life we should all live today!

Matt just wrote this, today:

“Bro, My 16-year-old son Andrew is on fire for God now. I had the privilege of baptizing him in the same lake today where we baptized my daughter on Labor Day. Upon coming out of the water, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. It was unbelievable. This is truly for REAL!"

Also, see the video with the Methodist pastor, from a few week ago, here:

That Pastor sent this message:

“Just wanted to tell you thank you. You helped me to discover life after ministry and it is beautiful. In the last week I’ve baptized 19 into this crazy life! In 28 years of ministry the best year I ever had was around 15. Last night a family of 7 were baptized and Spirit-filled. The children were praying in tongues while their mom was being delivered! So beautiful. Thank you. Your fauthfulness is inspiring me to faithfulness. God bless you my friend.”

God is truly working in many people! Pastors all over America and the world are experiencing this amazing life with Jesus.!

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