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  1. Okay. So it wants me to choose my field type. Okay, so
  2. okay, I've got all these different choices of data type. What's going on?
  3. >> So it's pretty overwhelming the different field types at first, because
  4. there are so many. But really the most important thing to note
  5. is that you just want to be able to pick the field
  6. type that's closest to whatever type of field you're trying to track.
  7. >> Okay. So if we're doing start date, is date good?
  8. >> Date sounds great.
  9. >> Okay.
  10. then Next, I guess. Okay, Field Label. I'm going to go with Start Date.
  11. >> Sounds good. This is what you're going to see on that page
  12. that we were just on, as the little label for this field.
  13. >> Okay. And what's the difference between that and the name?
  14. >> The Field Name is the actual API name that it stores
  15. in the database. So that just needs to be a unique value.
  16. >> Is that for like if you're going to do some coding stuff?
  17. >> Any sort of code or maybe some formulas
  18. like we'll go build later.
  19. >> So description is, I guess I should fill this
  20. out, right? The date the festival starts. What's help texter?
  21. >> it's I guess a field that people don't really understand. You can
  22. add the little help text so they can get more details about it.
  23. >> Pretty clear, okay. alright. No, I'm
  24. not going to make this a required value.
  25. Sometimes you get festivals that maybe don't
  26. know the date yet, or something, so.
  27. >> Yeah.
  28. >> Okay, next. Oh my goodness. More
  29. checkboxes.
  30. >> Yeah, so this wizard really takes us through every sort of aspect
  31. you might need to consider, around building a field. In this case, again, it's
  32. asking us about security. So, if we were trying to build private fields, we
  33. could then associate, hey we only want to make this visible to certain profiles.
  34. >> Okay.
  35. >> I know it's a lot of jargon to begin
  36. with right now. But all you really need to know is
  37. every user that lives within your Salesforce organization is associated with
  38. some security profiles. You can turn fields on and off for
  39. individual people if you want.
  40. >> And for now we can just.
  41. >> Just leave it at default. Yeah. It's
  42. just us. The last step of the process,
  43. do we want to add it to a page layout? So really, all this means is, do
  44. you want to put this field onto the page
  45. automatically? So that form we were just on,
  46. where we saw cloud stock last modified by,
  47. created by, it's adding it into that layout.
  48. >> Oh yeah, I totally want that. Okay, okay. So check, save. Alright.
  49. >> Alright.
  50. >> And we've got our festival custom object,
  51. and we've got a custom field that's just empty.
  52. >> Right.
  53. >> That's cool.
  54. >> What we're looking at right now is the setup screen for
  55. our object itself. We can see the standard fields, so those are
  56. the things that we saw automatically already. And then we add more
  57. custom fields, or any sort of customization around our custom object here.
  58. >> 'Kay. I guess it makes sense to add an end date next?
  59. >> Yeah. So let's just keep going down the line and adding more fields.