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Ep. #172 Plated Review: Part 4 - Pan-Roasted Mustard Pork

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This is our final meal from the first week of Plated, the pan-roasted mustard pork with spaetzle and carrots.
Looking at the ingredients I was worried this dish - along with the rest of Plated's meals - would have little flavor. There was not much seasoning included to add to the meal.

However, once the meal was eaten, I gave it a 7; Robin gave it an 8; Tiana a 6. I thought the pork was delicious. This dish was really good and I only wish the other Plated meals would have been as good.

Whether HelloFresh or Plated is better that is entirely up to each person; it could have simply been that like didn't much care for 2/3 of the Plated dishes we had picked. Regardless, both are decent companies.

Next time we'll start our review of the food box company Hello Chef.

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