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  1. By ARTE France Scientifilms

  2. Our hands, our eyes , our face
  3. our all body is an aggregate of billions of cells.
  4. At the heart of each of them is nestled the DNA,
  5. the one that we received from our parents
  6. and that we'll transfer to our children.
  7. What is exactly passed
  8. from one generation to the other,
  9. from one cell to the other?
  10. We know that DNA is transmitted
  11. but not only DNA.
  12. Identical twins
  13. have the same DNA,
  14. the same genome,
  15. and nonetheless have physical differences.
  16. How is that possible?
  17. The genome has been considered like a book
  18. and indeed book's editions can be
  19. very different from each other.
  20. Scientist have assumed for a long time
  21. that DNA ruled our biologic destiny.
  22. Nowadays they're discovering a new world:
  23. we're becoming more and more aware that
  24. DNA doesn't explain everything.
  25. And more and more capable of cultivating
  26. the ideas about the impact of the environment.
  27. All around the world,
  28. biologists are investigating this new mystery.
  29. My job is to look into
  30. the cellular nucleus
  31. for new knowledge
  32. and to reach places that people have never reached before.
  33. A scientific adventure
  34. in which we seek to unravel step by step
  35. what influences our DNA
  36. during our intere lifetime,
  37. our identity
  38. and, possibly, our inheritance.
  39. The new mysteries of our inheritance
  40. A film by Laurence Selfaty
  41. wrote together with Cécile Dumas