Plantar Wart Removal WARNING!

Plantar Wart Removal WARNING!
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One of the most common and popular virus among children aged 16 years old aside from chicken pox is plantar warts. These warts usually grow on the foot; it could be on the surface of your feet or in the soles of your foot. HPV or the Human Papillomavirus is the main cause of this disease. If it is present in those pressure points on your feet, it could be very painful to walk. Though warts are sometimes self-limiting, meaning they will disappear on their own without any treatment. There are still instances that these warts will multiply thus hindering the person to walk. There are almost 120 different types of HPV diseases.

You need to seek medical help when home therapy won’t work. When not treated, long-term effects on plantar warts is usually severe. Though these warts and growths are harmless there is also a significant risk for more serious lesions in your foot that might be a carcinoma or melanomas thus will lead to cancer. Seek medical help if you want these warts to be removed, if you are unable to bear the pain, swelling and the lesions, if you developed a fever, re-infected after treatment and it won’t disappear even after treatment is completed.

Possible treatments could be by using immunotherapy to increase the immune system of the patient, chemotherapy such as 5-fluoro-uracil that will be injected or topically administered and keratolytic chemicals such as salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid.

If you won’t have your plantar warts removed, chances are you will be suffering from possible bleeding, inability to walk due to pain and malformation of your foot, swelling, redness, or even abscess formation.

It doesn’t matter if you have consulted a physician or have it removed at home, the chances are still great for re-infection. It could appear anytime. If left untreated it could multiply and grow into clusters and it could be possibly being the cause of malignant cancers.

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