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  1. Let's look at the results first. The blue curve is the one that we know, almost optimal braking.
  2. And you see that this type of pumping doesn't really cut it.
  3. It takes more than 5 seconds to bring the car to a complete stop.
  4. As the driver slams on the brake, the wheels locked every second,
  5. which means that the wheel slip is almost never close to the optimum.
  6. The implementation uses this on/off factor to where switch the brake on and off.
  7. To compute when to switch off the brake, it'll get the fractional part of the time--
  8. the time minus its integer part.
  9. In the solution, we won't be overly picky about this precise instance of time
  10. to take the finite step size into account, which require some more thinking.