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  1. >> Our second option, however, is to solve this just algebraically. We've solved
  2. quadratic equations before, when we're trying to find x intercepts. The only
  3. difference between those situations, and this one, is that we have a 3 over
  4. here. Remember that a quadratic equation, is anything that can be written in the
  5. form Ax squared plus Bx plus C equals 0. The issue here, is that we don't have
  6. 0, on this side of the equation, so let's make it happen. How do we do that? You
  7. know you just subtract 3 from both sides, that gives us X squared plus 8x plus
  8. twelve equals 0. Since you know how to solve this using factoring, I'd like you
  9. to tell me the possible solutions for X. In the event that you find X can take
  10. on multiple values to make this equation true, please just write all those
  11. values in this box but separate them with commas.