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  1. WordPress 4.7 "Vaughan",
  2. named after jazz legend Sarah "Sassy" Vaughan
  3. makes it easier than ever to set up your website the way you want it.
  4. Meet Carly.
  5. Carly operates a pet store, and needs a website.
  6. Carly looks at her options...
  7. ... and discovers WordPress.
  8. With WordPress, Carly can choose
  9. from thousands of free themes to fit her needs.
  10. Carly's decided on Twenty Seventeen,
  11. a brand new theme for WordPress,
  12. built from the ground up for businesses.
  13. Twenty Seventeen includes a sleek design
  14. with large images throughout –
  15. perfect for both small businesses like a pet store, or large businesses.
  16. Because this is a brand new site,
  17. Twenty Seventeen will show some starter content
  18. to help Carly visualise how it can work
  19. for her store and get started with customising it to fit.
  20. New visual edit shortcuts
  21. show what aspects of her site can be changed
  22. right there within the live preview.
  23. As she customises her theme,
  24. Carly notices that she can add a video to her header.
  25. She chooses a video she shot of her niece with a puppy
  26. and adds the video header to her site directly from her tablet.
  27. Because you can create pages while editing menus
  28. in the customiser in WordPress 4.7,
  29. Carly can continue building her site structure
  30. without breaking her current workflow.
  31. Carly wants to make one more change
  32. before she’s ready to share her site -
  33. make the name of her store more noticeable.
  34. The new CSS panel makes this easy,
  35. and shows your changes - live as you build.
  36. And with that, she publishes the brand new website for her pet store.
  37. Carly's happy.
  38. WordPress 4.7 includes all of these features
  39. and more, along with exciting developer features
  40. like REST API content endpoints.
  41. WordPress 4.7 Vaughan -
  42. helping you set up your site, the way you want it.