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  1. The new feature you're going to code up will be
  2. called something like from_poi_to_this_person, which should be an integer.
  3. It's the count of messages that are in this person's inbox but
  4. are sent to them from persons of interest.
  5. So here's what you'll do in the programming quiz.
  6. From each message we have to extract the author of that message.
  7. I've already done this for you.
  8. So, that will be in the starter code.
  9. Then what you have to do is you have to compare this author email address
  10. to the list of known person of interest email addresses.
  11. So basically, is the author a person of interest.
  12. You return a boolean, which is the answer to that question and
  13. then you repeat this over all the emails for a given person.
  14. So that the outcome is this integer.
  15. Give that a try in the programming quiz and when I show you the solution,
  16. I'll show you what this feature actually looks like in the Enron data set.